Bret Hart Categories: Modern

You may have noticed recently that we have been reviewing classic wrestlers based on the idea that there are three categories by which you can break down a talent (Bret Hart said so!). But were you aware that wrestling didn’t end at, say, 2009?! It turns out it didn’t, so we thought we’d do a… Continue Reading →

The Bret Hart Categories Classic, vol 2

Soooo… did anyone else catch WWE Raw last night? Specifically the ending? Because here’s how I figure a conversation must have gone down: USA Executive: Your ratings suck these days. We want more intelligent adult content. VKM: Got it! We’ll have a cliffhanger ending where Randy Orton may or may not have set a small… Continue Reading →

Bret Hart categories Classic

Now, I have never been one to doubt El Dandy, but I’ve also seldom ever doubted “The Excellence of Execution” himself, Bret Hart. Bret was always a Wrestler’s Wrestler. He was dedicated to the craft, and he took wrestling as seriously as anyone else who has ever stepped foot in a ring. Wrestling wasn’t just… Continue Reading →

Top Ten: WrestleMania Matches Ever

WrestleMania is rad. Whether you like professional wrestling or not, there’s still a national mystique around WrestleMania. It’s wrestling’s Superbowl, it’s Academy Awards. The biggest night of the wrestling calendar. And while the general wrestling viewing audience is comparatively small nowadays, there is still a curiosity about ‘Mania every year. Because so many of us… Continue Reading →

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