Thirteen The Fridayth: Part 3!

In case the title isn’t tipping you off, we’ve been here before. Twice, even! Nary a Friday the 13th passes without my ranting about horror flicks. It’s mostly a horror stream of consciousness, frankly. I never go into these articles with a plan. Planning is for people that have something important to say! So what’s not important right… Continue Reading →

Thirteen The Fridayth: Part 2

Wait a minute… This feels familiar. (Also, the longer I look at the word (“word”) “Fridayth”, the more I think it looks like the name of a Norse deity. Just throw a misplaced J in there, and we are good to go. Frijdayth! The dawn of our Norn blessings!) Anyway, remember back in October when we ranked our… Continue Reading →

Thirteen The Fridayth

I am always very excited to do a Friday the 13th article. And then, it turns out… I don’t really have that much to say about Friday the 13th. I am not a freemason in the dark ages, it seems (Right? That’s where Friday the 13th as a relevant thing comes from, right? Something to… Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: The NEW SWO Productions!

Hello, world! On October 9th, 2020, SWO Productions debuted to bring you entertainment reviews and news takes from the world of Pop Culture. Since then, I’ve been working moderately hard–hard-ish–to provide new content each and every day. And I greatly appreciate every single one of you who have taken the time to read and enjoy… Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Movie Franchises

Franchises. No, not… I mean, MOVIE franchises. Why make one good movie when you can make somewhere between three and a hundred movies of varying quality, right? Hollywood is ON BOARD with this notion. If a movie is released to more than 2000 theaters nationwide, you can almost bet someone behind it all envisions it… Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Horror Movie Monsters/Villains

I have had a long love/hate relationship with horror movies. I have written on my previous site in some depth about my history with horror flicks, and I will be revisiting those articles from the archive soon enough (as in: HERE’S the first one). The abbreviated backstory is this: I was RAISED on awful 80’s… Continue Reading →

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