Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #75-71

For more on the comics that have brought us to this point, click HERE. All right, we are into the second quarter of this list, which you will remember was Wizard Magazine’s Top 100 issues of a lifetime, assuming your lifetime was 1979-2006. There have been some… choices so far. I’m not entirely sure what… Continue Reading →

Entertainment Rex: July part 2

This one’s going to be quick, so bear with me. I’m SUPPOSED to be packing for Cancun right now. By the time you read this, I’ll at least be in the air. It’s hard to believe SWO Productions is already coming up on ten months’ of existence! Ten months so far of articles and podcasts… Continue Reading →

Entertainment Rex: June 2021

I went to the movies for the first time since February 2020 today! God, I have really missed that. Obviously in the COVID era, I have developed quite the affinity for watching movies at home, but I have always adored the cinema. Watching movies at home is fine, if a bit distracting. Watching them in… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Comic Book Movies of the 2010’s

Today’s topic: The Best Comic Book Movies of the 2010’s! The 2010’s were a perfect storm of GREAT comic book movies and relatively average everything else movies. There was stuff I liked, obviously, or I wouldn’t have made my own aforementioned list, but there was little that really got my blood pumping. Not in the… Continue Reading →

Jab’s Disney Reviews: Cinderella

CINDERELLA (1950) Written By: Charles Perrault (original), Ken Anderson, Perce Pearce, Homer Brightman, Winston Hibler, BilL Peet, Erdman Penner, Harry Reeves, Joe Rinaldi, Ted Sears & Maurice Rapf So in 1950, after YEARS of being forced to make cheap-ass “Compilations Of Shorts” films, Walt Disney FINALLY had enough money in the Baby Boom Era to make… Continue Reading →

Jab Reviews: Sailor Moon 30-36

Sailor Venus- the fifth and final Sailor Guardian of the main cast. And we’re back!! When last I left off with these Sailor Moon reviews, we’d finished 29 episodes. Nephrite died a hero’s death, rejecting a lifetime of villainy, and our new general is the effeminate, vain Zoisite, who is after the Seven Rainbow Crystals,… Continue Reading →

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