Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon S (97-100)

DVD Box Set wooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Welcome back! We now enter the set that includes the ONE-HUNDREDTH episode of Sailor Moon (and is thus the mid-point for the entire series). We’ve just learned that the Talismans both sides are searching for are apparently to be combined into the Holy Grail, which will be wielded by The Messiah…. Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon S (94-96)

The most famous lesbian couple in the history of cartoons. Like, who’s even #2? And we’re back! When last I left off Sailor Moon S (for Super!), we were introduced to Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune, a pair of… VERY close young women, both of whom were on a mission to collect the mystical Talismans,… Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon S (91-93)

New goddamn Sailors- that’s right. And we’re back!! Sailor Moon S, possibly/probably the most beloved season of the massive series, started off with a bang last episode, as Usagi desperately watched her best friend (Rei/Sailor Mars) almost die. They were saved… by two MYSTERIOUS SAILORS!! Just what’s going on?!? EPISODE #91: Usagi’s Silver Crystal has… Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon S episode 1

Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus. They steal the spotlight and steal it HARD. SAILOR MOON S In many ways, Sailor Moon S (the “S” is for “Super”- the commercial ditty says “Say-rah Moon SUUUUU-PAAAAAHHH!”) took the Sailor Moon formula and ran with the same general theme: A Faceless Energy Being From Beyond set out to… Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon R (80-84)

See this guy? He’s the “Wise Vizier” character in this entire season, and spends all his time just giving advice. Except only the dumbest kids by this point didn’t realize that he’s our true Final Villain. Time for more Sailor Moon R! Esmeraude has taken leadership of the Black Moon Clan’s war against Neo-Tokyo’s past,… Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon R (75-79)

Finally, a new Sailor appears- the older, wiser Sailor Pluto! EPISODE #75: Another one I remember- Chibi-Usa is threatened by the Grim Man, while all of a sudden Prince Dimande brings up the “Malefic Black Crystal”, which seeks out targets. And of course Esmeraude is in love with Dimande. His brother, Prince Saphir, is also… Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon R (63-68)

Welcome back to more Sailor Moon reviews! Yay! We last left off with Sailor Mercury developing a new power, and we’re in the midst of another “Sailors Gain New Powers” set of episodes. Oddly enough, we just DID THAT not ten episodes earlier, but because that was a “Filler” season, the showrunners decided… to just… Continue Reading →

Jab Reviews: Sailor Moon R (60-62)

SAILOR MOON R- PART TWO Sailor Moon R is split into two separate bits, the first one a mini-arc I just reviewed, meant largely as “Filler” to move things along while they waited for Rumiko Takahashi to write more of the manga. The fact that the enemy used “Draining Energy” as their core concept was… Continue Reading →

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