Coming Soon: The NEW SWO Productions!

Hello, world! On October 9th, 2020, SWO Productions debuted to bring you entertainment reviews and news takes from the world of Pop Culture. Since then, I've been working moderately hard--hard-ish--to provide new content each and every day. And I greatly appreciate every single one of you who have taken the time to read and enjoy... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: The Stew World Order Podcast

Coming in April, the Stew World Order podcast! Every episode, we cover a piece of comic book cinema chosen at random! Thank you to Punchline for the music to the show! Check them out at And for updates and daily articles, check out!

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review

Well, it turns out I was wrong. When the long-awaited Snyder Cut was finally announced, but we were also told it would take months to release and cost almost an additional one hundred million dollars, I was convinced that this movie was essentially going to be a do-over. I thought for sure the Snyder "cut"... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: DC Comics Films

Hey, it's Snyder Month! Regardless of how you or I feel about the upcoming Snyder Cut, it's well on its way, and it will be hitting HBO Max on 3/18/21. And there has been a segment of fans who have been rabidly awaiting this moment in pop culture history. Between those fans and the morbid... Continue Reading →

Ranking The Rumbles: 2021

2021: The Answer To My Wife's Question It's been a year, but we are back for another entry in my Ranking The Rumbles series! We are going to do things a little differently this year. I'll be actually talking about the whole of the 2021 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, though I will be focusing most of... Continue Reading →

The 2020 SWO Wrestling Awards!

I am a bit late on this, what with it being January 13th and all, but I'll let you in on a secret: this isn't really MY idea. You see, these annual awards are the brainchild of, where each of the contributors makes a list, then each day one new category is unveiled to... Continue Reading →

The 2020 Movie Experience

I have never kept track of these things, but I'm pretty sure I saw more individual movies in 2020 than in any other year. It certainly feels like it! The closest I have ever come before was in 2008 when I kept track of my New Year's Resolution that year to see twenty-six unique movies... Continue Reading →

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