Episode 38 – Batman & Robin

Stew is joined by Sean (from Review It Yourself) and Bill (from Bill Reads Bad Reviews) to cover the infamous George Clooney outing that killed the 90’s Batman franchise so bad that DC had to get CHRISTOPHER NOLAN to save it a few years later! And, wait, Sean gives this movie WHAT out of ten?!

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Follow The SWO Productions!

No new “article” today, as it were! Just a reminder that SWO Productions continues to grow and grow, and I’m not the most marketing-savvy person in the world, so it’s entirely possible you my not even know everything we have gotten ourselves up to these days! With that in mind, I’ve decided to create a little one-stop shop with direct connections to some of our … Continue reading Follow The SWO Productions!

Episode 36: Spider-Man (2002)

Is it time for the biggest discrepancy in show history between Stew’s score and that of his guest? It just might be as Stew and Sam from Movie Reviews In 20Q’s go back to Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s first wall-crawling effort!

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The Chosen: Prologue

Chapter One: Forty Years Ago… Dr. Evan Engelhart had never seen an old woman before. Well, that obviously wasn’t entirely true. He had seen plenty of old women. He had two grandmothers when he was a child, and he watched them get older and older as he grew up before they passed. At his graduation for his undergrad degree, Grandma Millie was borderline ancient! She … Continue reading The Chosen: Prologue

Episode 33 – Deadpool 2

Mike and Jessica from Ten Cent Takes join the Stew World Order this episode to talk Deadpool 2! Does it measure up to its predecessor? Does it managed to not fall trap to one of the worst and most sexist tropes in comics? Oops! Probably not!

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Rating Roman’s Realistic Rivals

Who will bring about the fall of Roman’s Empire? With Roman’s reign sneaking up on two full calendar years, it is of course worth wondering if WWE has an endgame in mind. Admittedly, I have not cared much for speculating on its end for most of this title tyranny; Roman has been one of the best things in all of wrestling, regardless of company. His … Continue reading Rating Roman’s Realistic Rivals

And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Welcome to the third part of what has become an unintentional trilogy.  Within the past several months, I re-watched the original trilogy of Karate Kid movies, then I decided to buckle down and watch the fourth for the first time.  Just to complete the trifecta, I re-watched the 2010 Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.  Interestingly enough, this was the only Karate … Continue reading And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Episode 32 – Alita: Battle Angel

Who is ready to join the #AlitaArmy? Well… one of our reviewers more than the other, that’s for sure!

Shawn from the Ninja Turtle Nerds podcast is here to talk the 2019 live action take on an anime classic, Alita Battle Angel!

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