Stew World Order Productions – You Want Entertainment News And Opinions, And We Got It!

The Stew World Order presents SWO Productions: your new favorite source for everything going on in entertainment. We cover material both new and classic so that you can always find out what to dive into… or what to avoid entirely. We have lists, news, opinions, and reviews, with more content coming frequently as The Order grows!

Our Origin Story – Revealed!

Started by Robert Stewart in October 2020, SWO Productions was one of the few good things to come out of that year! After separating from a now-defunct previous comic book website and podcast known as Ghosts Of The Stratosphere, Robert created SWO Productions to continue bringing you the high quality content he was known for both there and at 411Mania. He remains dedicated to providing conversation starter articles and news drops.

About Stew, The Man Behind The Order

Robert Stewart is a lifelong lover of comics, movies, and wrestling. He has a degree in English Writing which has proved… somewhat useful (?) throughout his life, and has been a member of the entertainment press since 2016. He also co-created and co-hosted a podcast from 2018-2020. He is generally in his best mood when the Seahawks are winning.