Episode 64: Thor Love & Thunder

The incomparable Nick from The Livestream For The Cure and Nikolai’s Kitchen joins The Order to discuss the fourth Thor outing in the MCU… and be gushed over by Stew.


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Episode 53(?): X-Men Origins – Wolverine

I may have misnumbered my episodes. Last episode saw us go from #52 to #54. Whoops! Human error, folks! I could edit the episode titles, but I prefer to let my mistakes outlive me. ANYWAY, this episode, the guys from the Culture Shocked podcast join the order to discuss the notoriously bad X-Men Origins – Wolverine, and Stew has now covered all three movies in … Continue reading Episode 53(?): X-Men Origins – Wolverine

Episode 51: Green Hornet

Gaius from Back To The Blockbuster joins The Order this episode to look at a failed franchise starter that tried to reinvent a classic hero with a modern spin and a new feel. It… didn’t work. But was it actually a hidden gem? For some download options to support this episode, click HERE! For more from Back To The Blockbuster, click HERE! And for more … Continue reading Episode 51: Green Hornet