Episode 29: X-Men First Class

Groovy! Far out! Hip!

We're traveling back to the bouncing 60's where the men drank whiskey and the big name actresses paraded around in their undergarments! The fantastic fellas from the SP10 podcast are here to talk X-Men First Class, the FIRST attempt by Fox of muddying the hell out of the X-Men timeline.

But not the last!

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Special One Year Anniversary Episode!

On this special anniversary episode, John from Pint O’ Comics, Ken from the Ocho Duro Parlay Hour, and Julio from The Contrarians hop on to celebrate Stew’s first year of podcasting! To get the festivities going, the three discuss advice they’d give to those who want to start podcasting. Then they get into the meat of the show by giving their Top 5 Movies that the SWO covered in Year 1! For more from SWO Productions, head to http://www.SWOProductions.com! For more from the #ODPH, go to https://odphpodcast.com For more Pint O' Comics, check out http://pintocomics.com 1

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