Rating Roman’s Realistic Rivals

Who will bring about the fall of Roman’s Empire? With Roman’s reign sneaking up on two full calendar years, it is of course worth wondering if WWE has an endgame in mind. Admittedly, I have not cared much for speculating on its end for most of this title tyranny; Roman has been one of the best things in all of wrestling, regardless of company. His … Continue reading Rating Roman’s Realistic Rivals

Bret Hart Categories -The Shield Edition (and more!)

So the dominant, powerful Raw Women’s Champion Asuka is pants-shittingly afraid of Alexa Bliss, as if the former were Kamala, and the latter were The Undertaker. This is why I have problems with you, WWE. I haven’t really cared for The Fiend ever since his first matches with Seth Rollins when he ignored all oppositional offense and basically made the rest of the roster look … Continue reading Bret Hart Categories -The Shield Edition (and more!)