SWO Draft: Best Cover Songs!

For this month's draft, Stew convened with So Wizard, Beer In Front, and the Game Vault to draft the best cover versions of songs! For more from So Wizard, click HERE! To check out the Game Vault, click HERE! And to get into Beer In Front, click HERE! Without further ado, let's get into the... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best One-Hit Wonders

Joining us for this month's draft: The Ocho Duro Parlay Hour podcast! Check their stuff out HERE! Nerd In Texas podcast! Get into her work HERE! And finally, the Not Before Coffee podcast, which you can find HERE! Without further ado, let's get into those playlists! FIRST PICK: SWO Productions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914&list=PL8tbPyJw-ysK_6LibgNR7I-oEhDRO8ypC SECOND PICK: #ODPH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YvAYIJSSZY&list=PL8tbPyJw-ysL3aXaEwwrb5S-n8FgJlCHh... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best Cinematic Remake/Reboot!

I'm going to keep my rambling preamble (PRE-RAMBLE!) short this month because we had a great draft, and I'm excited for you to get to read it. This month's draft was mutually agreed upon as BEST REMAKE/REBOOT MOVIES! I partnered with three others as usual, and we came up with our draft. Choosing first overall... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best 90’s Video Games

Welcome to the SWO Draft for May 2021! Historically, a lot of our drafts have been movie and television based. We've done the Best Movie Sequels (and Worst Movie Sequels), Best TV Shows of the Last Decade... a lot of stuff like that. There are a lot of different directions to go in the realm... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best Movie Soundtracks!

This month's draft was... NOT my forte. But I gave it the old college try anyway! When I got together with this month's guests--Pint O Comics, So Wizard, and Flicks X-Rayed--to discuss our next draft, we ultimately settled on Best Movie Soundtracks. Music remains not really my best genre. But I do like movies, and... Continue Reading →

Draft: Best Comedies Post-2000

It's draft time yet again, where the SWO partners with some other fantastic independent talent to see who can make the subjectively best list of a random pop culture topic! This week, I pulled in our friends Liz from the Nerdy Bitches podcast, Ken from the Ocho Duro Parley Hour, and Marquee Mark from So... Continue Reading →

Draft: Worst Movie Sequels

Welcome to the SWO Drafts, everyone! Where we--and some of the finest independent creative forces out there--fight to the death to see who can make the best line-up from a pop culture category. It's been several weeks since our last draft, the Best Movie Sequels of All Time, and we had a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best Movie Sequels

My wife doesn't understand ranking things that you like. She will say silly, absurd things to me like "I don't know; I just like things. I don't care if I like it 5th much or 6th much. I just like it if I like it". Pfft. What a foreign philosophy. Obviously you have to rank... Continue Reading →

The 2020 WWE Draft Reimagined

With the 2020 WWE Superstar Draft Extravaganza in the rear view mirror, Raw and Smackdown kicked off with their... *sigh*... Season Premiere episodes this past week. It's the start of new things in WWE for the next year-plus, as talents moved to new pastures. But did WWE get it right? Honestly, I don't think they... Continue Reading →

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