Jab’s Disney Reviews: Atlantis The Lost Empire

ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE (2001):Written by: Tab Murphy, Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, Joss Whedon, Bryce Zabel & Jackie Zabel -This is an interesting one. Atlantis came comes on the tail end of the Renaissance (ie. well after it ended, but only by a couple years), so the hype was less extreme, the expectations were lowered, and the money was gonna be less. Even so, they did some REALLY … Continue reading Jab’s Disney Reviews: Atlantis The Lost Empire

Episode 39: Blade Trinity

On the third go-around, do the one-liners finally start getting tired? Do the additions of Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Parker Posey, and Triple-H help or hurt the Blade franchise? Did Kris Kristofferson still want to be here?

Stew and John from The Pint discuss all this and more in Blade Trinity!

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On Nostalgia And Biases

“Never Trust Anyone Whose Favorite Movie Came Out After They Turned 21”. I saw someone post this once on Twitter, and I was aghast. (I wasn’t. I just like the word “aghast” and need to work it into more things. “Rob, what did you think of your niece’s 2nd birthday party?” “I was aghast!” See? Always fun) Anyway, I started thinking, “Well how true can … Continue reading On Nostalgia And Biases

Episode 38 – Batman & Robin

Stew is joined by Sean (from Review It Yourself) and Bill (from Bill Reads Bad Reviews) to cover the infamous George Clooney outing that killed the 90’s Batman franchise so bad that DC had to get CHRISTOPHER NOLAN to save it a few years later! And, wait, Sean gives this movie WHAT out of ten?!

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Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

Okay, I was pretty worried about this one. Bodies Bodies Bodies had all the makings of either an instant classic hilarious horror-comedy… or of an insufferable attempt at unironically overusing Zoomer lingo and culture. The more trailers I saw, the more I was worried it was veering towards the latter, with characters seemingly constantly referring to each other as “toxic” or “gaslighters” or as “silencing” … Continue reading Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

Episode 36: Spider-Man (2002)

Is it time for the biggest discrepancy in show history between Stew’s score and that of his guest? It just might be as Stew and Sam from Movie Reviews In 20Q’s go back to Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s first wall-crawling effort!

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Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

It’s June! The official start of summer! Now, the movie industry will tell you that the summer starts in May, even possibly encroaching into the end of April, but I don’t buy it. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer starts June… June… June twenty-somehingth. I’m not sure exactly. It’s definitely a solstice. But that’s not the point. The point is… not May. They can release … Continue reading Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

Jab’s Disney Reviews: Lilo & Stitch

LILO & STITCH (2002):Written by: Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois -This is a funny one, as it’s an original story, and has a completely unique art style (that of a long-time Disney Animator Chris Sanders, who always drew his stuff that way- one wonders if the others got annoyed at always having to shift his stuff into the “Mainline” Disney style). I have to agree with … Continue reading Jab’s Disney Reviews: Lilo & Stitch