Classic Review: The Big Sick

Marvel gifted us with a trailer for Shang-Chi this week in what appears to have been a surprise release given the lead actor, Simu Liu's, frankly adorable reaction on Twitter. It's admittedly a pretty rad trailer. I had not been too stoked for a Shang Chi movie for a few reasons. First of all, he's... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best Movie Soundtracks!

This month's draft was... NOT my forte. But I gave it the old college try anyway! When I got together with this month's guests--Pint O Comics, So Wizard, and Flicks X-Rayed--to discuss our next draft, we ultimately settled on Best Movie Soundtracks. Music remains not really my best genre. But I do like movies, and... Continue Reading →


What happens when two movies love each other very much? Well, when the movie's father is John Wick (with all of its carefully crafted backstory universe doled out through the story of a pet loving family man who wants to leave his past behind), and its mother is the tragically forgotten Clive Owen vehicle Shoot... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Disney Reviews: The Jungle Book Vulture: "The kid's clear, you can let go now."Baloo: "Are you kidding?! There's TEETH on the other end!" THE JUNGLE BOOK (1967): Written by: Rudyard Kipling (original), Larry Clemmons, Ralph Wright, Ken Anderson, Vance Gerry, Bill Peet The Jungle Book was the first film released after Walt's death, though he had a big hand in the production of... Continue Reading →

Godzilla vs Kong Review

There is 100% something to be said for a movie that tells you right in the title exactly what it is going to do. Freddy Vs Jason, for instance! It's not a great movie by any stretch, but it delivers on everything it promises. What more could you ask for? It literally has multiple extended... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Terminator Dark Fate

I had given up on Terminator flicks a long time ago. The last Terminator movie I saw was the third entry in the series. I never bothered with Salvation or Genisys because they both looked pretty terrible, and it seemed as though the franchise was just churning out properties to cash in on a nostalgia... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Disney Reviews: 101 Dalmations

ONE-HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS (1961): Written by: Dodie Smith (novel), Bill Peet (solo) This one's one of the most well-remembered "Middle Period" Disney movies (and the first to be set in the modern day, actually!), owing primarily to its singularly-memorable villain; one so legendary that she's become completely iconic. Cruella de Vil is probably in the... Continue Reading →

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