WrestleMania Night Two Review

Hey, I am getting to watch WrestleMania live tonight. No more Secret Hitler or pizza with friends. I get to watch pro wrestling in my basement like a winner! After a night one that started weak (by me; I get it, though. You're all all-in on Bobby Lashley) but finished incredibly strong (again, that Belair/Banks... Continue Reading →

WrestleMania Night One Review

First of all, this review is going to be up a little bit later than I would prefer. I'm usually good to get my reviews on these shows up within thirty to forty-five minutes of said show's conclusion. But for WrestleMania night one... I will have been hours behind. My apologies! My wife had the... Continue Reading →

NXT Stand & Deliver Night 2 Review

So Night One of NXT's WrestleMania week show, Stand & Deliver, was a bit of a mixed bag. Sure there were three definitively stellar matches, but the main event Women's Title match was a touch of a letdown. And the Gauntlet Eliminator match had some really fun moments (most of them between Bronson Reed and... Continue Reading →

NXT Stand & Deliver Night One Review

NXTmania week starts now! A two-night NXT Takeover? Leading in to a two-night WrestleMania? I guess I'm just not going to expect anything for Christmas this year because this must be it. NXT has really been killing it with angles lately, though, so it definitely needed two nights for this Takeover. There's just a lot... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: WrestleMania Matches Ever

WrestleMania is rad. Whether you like professional wrestling or not, there's still a national mystique around WrestleMania. It's wrestling's Superbowl, it's Academy Awards. The biggest night of the wrestling calendar. And while the general wrestling viewing audience is comparatively small nowadays, there is still a curiosity about 'Mania every year. Because so many of us... Continue Reading →

WWE Fastlane 2021 Review

Remember when there was Fastlane AND Roadblock? When WWE was really god damn intent on selling the very literal "Road" to WrestleMania? They should have kept that theme up. They could have added a few more of these nothing shows leading into April! WWE Traffic Jam! WWE Fines Doubled Zone! WWE Last Reststop For 62... Continue Reading →

Elimination Chamber 2021 Thoughts

It's the Elimination Chamber! Or, as my Mac might prefer, the Slimination Chamber. It's the most wonderful time of the [WWE] year, guys! We had the Rumble, WrestleMania is imminent, and in between, we get one of WWE's best gimmick pay-per-views (with only Money In The Bank challenging its second-place-to-the-Rumble status), the Elimination Chamber! (And,... Continue Reading →

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