Rating Roman’s Realistic Rivals

Who will bring about the fall of Roman's Empire? With Roman's reign sneaking up on two full calendar years, it is of course worth wondering if WWE has an endgame in mind. Admittedly, I have not cared much for speculating on its end for most of this title tyranny; Roman has been one of the... Continue Reading →

WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 Review

I'm abjectly terrible at knowing when wrestling is on these days. Like sometimes? I mean to watch Dynamite every week, right? But sometimes, it will be 9:30pm on Wednesday night, and I will go, "Oh! I should... Oh. Crap". And my lack of remembering to watch wrestling means I had NO IDEA that Hell In... Continue Reading →

WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Review

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Wait, this is weird, right? WWE has not historically had live special shows on Mother's Day, have they? This feels new and strange to me. I didn't even believe WrestleMania Backlash actually was tonight. I thought I would not be able to watch this show when I learned that; I was... Continue Reading →

WrestleMania 38 Night Two Review

Well I certainly hope Night Two lives up to what Night One gave us! I was a fan of what WWE put together on Saturday, and now I'm expecting more quality. You've raised expectations, Vince & Crew! Before we get into the show, I wanted to do a little self-indulgent celebrating. Saturday was not only... Continue Reading →

Ranking The Rumbles 2022

2022: The Mystique Dissolves Early I'm writing this in the aftermath of the event, and I'm still working out my feelings, so BEAR WITH ME and let's get right into it! Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns The purpose of this series has always been to rank and review the Royal Rumble matches themselves, but I... Continue Reading →

Survivor Series 2021 Review

I'm giving WWE another chance tonight. I mean, I've given WWE approximately 48 chances across my lifetime. I always end up crawling back to WWE at the end of the day. And I'm usually pretty happy after I do! I know it's bad for me, but I just... I remember the good times, and I... Continue Reading →

WWE Extreme Rules Review

This is a weird show. Big E just won the WWE Title to much acclaim. He's not on the show. Finn Balor is dusting off The Demon character for the first time in years to be the next challenger to Roman Reigns. And he's already an afterthought as WWE plows ahead towards Reigns/Brock in Saudi... Continue Reading →

Raw Review 9/13/2021

Wait, this is strange. I don't randomly review Raw. And when I do, I spend most of the night mesmerized by magical mirrors. I am doing a fill in job tonight, though, to help out 411Mania while Thomas is unavailable this week, so you get some special coverage from your buddy Stew! And what a... Continue Reading →

SummerSlam 2021 Review

Trying something new tonight, so you'll have to let me know what you think! I'll be more-or-less LIVE REVIEWING SummerSlam tonight. That means I'll be publishing this article right about when SummerSlam airs, and then updating it regularly throughout the show. Clearly a stolen idea from the Live Coverage articles over at 411Mania, but they... Continue Reading →

WWE: Long-Form Storytelling… Or Amnesia?

Back in 2013, Daniel Bryan was perpetually vexed by Triple-H and Stephanie McMahon, the heel Authority of WWE, while trying to become world champion. This would lead to Bryan having a sustained crowd swell that would inevitably propel him to the main event of WrestleMania, wherein he would defeat Triple-H (with Stephanie in his corner)... Continue Reading →

Money In The Bank 2021 Review

I am still working on getting my wife to watch this one with me. We'll see how it goes. We were supposed to go out dancing last night, but she bailed on me because she "was sick", and I feel like she owes me a WWE pay-per-view in return. This is a show for which... Continue Reading →

WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 Review

I mean... I INTEND on reviewing Hell In A Cell. I guess we will see how that works out since... Come on, Peacock! I am relying on you to give me an improv day so I don't have to stick to the rigid schedule I laid out for myself and then immediately regretted! Impulsive replacement... Continue Reading →

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