NXT Stand & Deliver Night 2 Review

So Night One of NXT's WrestleMania week show, Stand & Deliver, was a bit of a mixed bag. Sure there were three definitively stellar matches, but the main event Women's Title match was a touch of a letdown. And the Gauntlet Eliminator match had some really fun moments (most of them between Bronson Reed and... Continue Reading →

NXT Stand & Deliver Night One Review

NXTmania week starts now! A two-night NXT Takeover? Leading in to a two-night WrestleMania? I guess I'm just not going to expect anything for Christmas this year because this must be it. NXT has really been killing it with angles lately, though, so it definitely needed two nights for this Takeover. There's just a lot... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon S (97-100)

DVD Box Set wooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Welcome back! We now enter the set that includes the ONE-HUNDREDTH episode of Sailor Moon (and is thus the mid-point for the entire series). We've just learned that the Talismans both sides are searching for are apparently to be combined into the Holy Grail, which will be wielded by The Messiah.... Continue Reading →

Pop-Tart Quest: Maple Bacon

YOU KNOW WHAT NO ONE HAS EVER DONE? A TOASTER STRUDEL QUEST. BECAUSE TOASTER STRUDELS WEREN'T ACTUALLY THAT GOOD. REMEMBER TOASTER STRUDELS? YOU PROBABLY DON'T EVEN!  THIS IS... POP-TART QUEST! Dear Internet, Bacon is pretty great, right? I think we all agree on that. There is just something about the greasy, salty, crispy properties of... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Image Deep Dive: Jim Valentino!

First of all: we lied. Jab wasn't QUITE done with Rob Liefeld yet! Because he initially forgot about YET ANOTHER team book Rob created for Image... Yes, Rob Liefeld created ANOTHER friggin’ superhero team in his first couple of years at Image Comics, the NEW MEN. Here, they’re another band of X-Men knockoffs who are... Continue Reading →

Godzilla vs Kong Review

There is 100% something to be said for a movie that tells you right in the title exactly what it is going to do. Freddy Vs Jason, for instance! It's not a great movie by any stretch, but it delivers on everything it promises. What more could you ask for? It literally has multiple extended... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: WrestleMania Matches Ever

WrestleMania is rad. Whether you like professional wrestling or not, there's still a national mystique around WrestleMania. It's wrestling's Superbowl, it's Academy Awards. The biggest night of the wrestling calendar. And while the general wrestling viewing audience is comparatively small nowadays, there is still a curiosity about 'Mania every year. Because so many of us... Continue Reading →

Stew’s Reviews: The Long Halloween

My wife hates comics books. It’s really frustrating, but honestly, we have so little in common, and some of that so little is that she just has no interest in them whatsoever. Not just superheroes, either. The whole notion of “books with pictures in them” is anathema to her. What’s really weird is that she... Continue Reading →

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