Stew’s Reviews: New Gods by Jack Kirby

I get why reboots in comics have to be a thing, I guess. It’s 2019, so the idea that middle-aged-but-still-near-his-physical-prime Tony Stark was an adult during the Vietnam War doesn’t make a lot of sense. You’ve got to screw up the time table on these things when you have characters rooted in actual human history,... Continue Reading →

Money In The Bank 2022 Review

Oh my god, it was just 77 degrees in my house. I am sitting here sweating my tuchas off and thinking "Am I getting sick?", then I finally go check the A/C and remember I never turned it back on after I streamed last night. I do almost all of my streaming and podcasting in... Continue Reading →

Stew’s June 2022 Movie Log

It's the halfway point of the year, and with it, the 50% marker of my journey to 300 movies watched within the span of January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022. It's almost quaint to remember this started as a mission to 250 when the year changed and I saw I'd surpassed 200 total movies... Continue Reading →

Rating Roman’s Realistic Rivals

Who will bring about the fall of Roman's Empire? With Roman's reign sneaking up on two full calendar years, it is of course worth wondering if WWE has an endgame in mind. Admittedly, I have not cared much for speculating on its end for most of this title tyranny; Roman has been one of the... Continue Reading →

And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Welcome to the third part of what has become an unintentional trilogy.  Within the past several months, I re-watched the original trilogy of Karate Kid movies, then I decided to buckle down and watch the fourth for the first time.  Just to complete the trifecta, I re-watched the 2010 Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith... Continue Reading →

Best Part 5+ In A Franchise

We've done the best Threequels! We've done the best Part 4's in franchises! You know what's next, right? No, not Part 5's. Don't be absurd. That was honestly where I was going to go, but JESUS CHRIST that would be near impossible to make even halfway entertaining. There would, what, 3 quality movies? MAYBE? So... Continue Reading →

Pop-Tart Quest: Boston Creme Pie

I don't... I don't drink coffee. Never have, actually. When I was younger, I just thought it was gross as shit (it is!), but then, in my mid-20's, I just cut out almost all caffeine from my life entirely, so even if I had been drinking it... I wouldn't be now. (I wish I could... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (The Archie-Exclusive Characters… yes including Cudley the Cowlick) JAGWAR: -Jagwar is the de facto leader of the Mighty Mutanimals, a spin-off attempt from the TMNT Adventures Archie Comics series. Like I said earlier, they were short-lived (a three-issue mini-series followed by an ongoing that was cancelled after only 9 issues), and were killed after a six-part back-up storyline in the main "TMNT" book- a SHOCKING move... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Splinter & April O’Neil)

SPLINTER:-Splinter is naturally in every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continuity. He is their teacher and adoptive father, and continues to act as a wise old mentor figure throughout. His personality is usually calm, serene and considerate, making him almost as uniform in personality as the four Turtles. In nearly every continuity, Hamato Yoshi was in a relationship... Continue Reading →

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