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Follow The SWO Productions!

No new “article” today, as it were! Just a reminder that SWO Productions continues to grow and grow, and I’m not the most marketing-savvy person in the world, so it’s entirely possible you my not even know everything we have gotten ourselves up to these days! With that in mind, I’ve decided to create a little one-stop shop with direct connections to some of our … Continue reading Follow The SWO Productions!

Glass Onion Review

NOTE: This article will contain minor story aspect spoilers, but nothing revealing the ending or anything like that! I initially had heard that Glass Onion–Rian Johnson’s not-quite-a-sequel to the 2019 hit Knives Out–was going to be Netflix only, and I have to admit: that left me feeling disappointed. I was a fan of the last offering, and I was hoping to be able to catch … Continue reading Glass Onion Review

The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

And we are back! Let’s read some allegedly great comics! #20. Planetary #13 I’ve read Planetary but one time, a few years ago, and all at once beginning to end. It works better that way, I think. As I made my way back through issue 13 here, I found myself wanting to revisit the story the series told in its completion. That said, Warren Ellis … Continue reading The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Stars (Episodes #189-191)

The Sailor Starlights: now revealed to be women in their true forms. Creator Naoko Takeuchi reportedly HATED the “male pop idols” disguises. It’s time for more Sailor Stars! Last episode, Sailor Aluminum Siren screwed up one final time (despite knowing Sailor Moon’s secret identity and her nature of a True Star Seed carrier), and her flippant attitude towards failure got her EXECUTED by Sailor Galaxia, … Continue reading Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Stars (Episodes #189-191)

Episode 57 – Mask Of The Phantasm

Episode 57? Wait, that isn’t right…

In the memory of Kevin Conroy, we are releasing this episode far ahead of schedule. Sean from the Ninja Turtle Nerds returns to the Order to discuss the animated Batman movie, Mask Of The Phantasm!

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For more great Punchline tunes, click HERE! Continue reading Episode 57 – Mask Of The Phantasm

Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

My wife and I had an extremely romantic date night at Dave & Buster’s tonight. Weird dinner experience where our waiter actively tried to dissuade us from BOTH meals we ordered. I asked for some Kobe meatball dinner they had, and he went into a story about how his Italian grandmother makes meatballs, and the restaurant’s aren’t as good as hers, and am I SURE … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Leatherhead & Ace Duck)

LEATHERHEAD:-Another of the oldest “Always Appearing” characters in the franchise is of course Leatherhead. One of comparatively few mutant animals in the Mirage Comics, he was actually a good guy. The Leatherhead character was actually created by Ryan Brown in 1988 for a TMNT comic- Eastman & Laird had already signed off on the TV show & toyline, and were letting others write the main continuity, too. … Continue reading Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Leatherhead & Ace Duck)

AP Productions: Winghaven #5

Alysa finally fell asleep on the cot downstairs after eating a sandwich and the snacks Grace had given her.  It was 5am and Stagger Lee’s was closing; the staff placed chairs on the tables and wiped off the counters as the final patrons exited.  Creed sat at the bar with Cassandra and they downed two final shots of whiskey together.   “How long did Johns and … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #5

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Stars (Episodes #187-188)

Chibi-Chibi, the somewhat controversial Pokemon-speaking little girl, and her actual form. Welcome back to more Sailor Stars reviews- we’re way deep in the series as the last enemy General reveals herself in this very review! Sailor Aluminum Siren is still largely in charge, but her increased failures are irking Sailor Galaxia, the ultimate Big Bad. And Chibi-Chibi is still running around in the background, and … Continue reading Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Stars (Episodes #187-188)

Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Man-Ray & Merdude)

This week, we take a look at the TMNT’s aquatic buddies! All… four of them. It’s weird! Read on! You smell something fishy? That’s because you just picked up Ray Fillet, the coolest sea creature to ever leap from the deep. Spawned from a marine biologist and a manta ray, Ray Fillet emerged from a toxic sewer pipe only to discover himself super-strong and super-slimy. … Continue reading Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Man-Ray & Merdude)

Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

I just bought hockey tickets! I haven’t been to a game a long time; several years at this point, actually. I went through a stretch in the mid-2000’s where I made it to at least one Pittsburgh Penguins game per year, but it’s been a solid decade since I have gone. Every time I have been to the PPG Arena since it has opened, it’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

Pop-Tart Quest: Tropical Mango

I’m not sure I’d ever heard of a mango before, like, 15 years ago. Look, when I was growing up, there were eight fruits. Apples, oranges, grapes, lemons, other color apples, other color grapes, watermelons, and strawberries. We didn’t have all these fanciful tropical fruits that you Zoomers grew up with! That was it! We didn’t even know about blueberries; we didn’t know food could … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Tropical Mango

AP Productions: Winghaven #4

Ten Years Ago… Farrell Creed and Ella Saraki walked through the dark woods together, the light of their flashlights falling on the foliage surrounding them.  The owner of the property had seen signs of trespassers on his land and after the police had been unsuccessful in finding anyone in the woods, Creed had been hired to remove them.  The owner suspected teenagers or drug addicts. … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #4