Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon S – The Movie

Luna's human form. SAILOR MOON S- THE MOVIE:-So they released another one-hour feature after the end of Sailor Moon Super, and again, it's out of continuity. Unusually, however, it's based off of a manga story- a side-story Naoko Takeuchi did on larger paper in a "tankobon" (like a trade paperback for us). This movie's ALSO about... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie

SAILOR MOON SUPERS- THE MOVIE:-And now we come to the final movie in the Sailor Moon movie trilogy, SuperS! This one made less than half what Sailor Moon R: The Movie did, and the SuperS and Sailor Stars seasons did less and less well as time went on, so the studio wisely ended things here. Again, the continuity here is kejiggered, Sailors Neptune, Uranus... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon SuperS (159-162)

Sailor Moon: Saving the world and interfering in the love-life of a child, all in the same episode! Welcome back! When last we left off, Pegasus revealed that he's actually Helios, the guardian of the Dream World, where all of mankind's dreams reside. And he resembles a young-ish boy, making his relationship with Chibi-Usa slightly... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon SuperS (148-150)

 The main villain of this story arc- Queen Nehalennia- finally makes her debut. Welcome back to more Sailor Moon reviews! So our three hapless horn-dog villains are still chasing after whichever Dream Mirror has Pegasus in it, but now... THINGS finally start to happen! Yeah, so Naoko Takeuchi probably added more information in the manga,... Continue Reading →

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