Stew’s Reviews: Ms. Marvel

I haven’t done enough “older” comics on these reviews, and I recognize that. There’s a perfectly good reason for it, though, and it’s that, uh, I don’t tend to love them. And I judge them more harshly because of that. It’s not an across-the-board thing, obviously—what is?—but it’s there. A lot of 60’s and 70’s... Continue Reading →

Stew’s Reviews: God Loves, Man Kills

Written by—who else?—Chris “I’m Responsible For All Your Good X-Men Memories” Claremont and brought to life by Brent Eric Anderson, God Loves, Man Kills is an unflinching look at prejudice, religious fanaticism, and loyalty. This was the comic—more than any other—that really nailed the theme of how dangerous it could be to be born a... Continue Reading →

Jabroniville Deep Dive: New Mutants

THE NEW MUTANTS: Mutants As Metaphor: -The idea that Mutants were a perfect metaphor for one's Teen Years came to me a little late. Early on, it was a simple metaphor for prejudice- using a fictional minority to show the absurdities and horrors of man's inhumanity for "the others" among them. And of course, it... Continue Reading →

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