Top Ten: Movies in the MCU

I wrote this list before Phase 4 of the MCU started because I was saving it for when I set up my new site schedule in April 2022. But I wanted to get a headstart, so I was making and starting lists several months ago. That was dumb! I had to edit it TWICE throughout... Continue Reading →

Eternals Review

It's funny; I swear I've been saying for years that I want my DC movies to feel more like the MCU. What the Marvel Cinematic Universe's latest offering, Eternals, gives us instead is an MCU movie that feels like it would have been more at home in the recent DC filmography. Which is to say... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Movie Franchises

Franchises. No, not... I mean, MOVIE franchises. Why make one good movie when you can make somewhere between three and a hundred movies of varying quality, right? Hollywood is ON BOARD with this notion. If a movie is released to more than 2000 theaters nationwide, you can almost bet someone behind it all envisions it... Continue Reading →


So it has been revealed that, after quite a lot of speculation and hoping, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will, in fact, appear in the third entry of the MCU Spider-Man flicks. Obviously take this with a teensy-tiny grain of salt because it's not Official-With-A-Capital-O yet, but it's being reported multiple places. As the link... Continue Reading →

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