The Boogeyman Review

NOTE: This article will contain some light spoiler material for The Boogeyman Based on an older short story by Stephen King! Actually, the way this flick was first advertised, I thought this was maybe a new plot from Stephen King–I was sure he was not the screenwriter–but upon further research, it is actually based on a previous work of his, published in Night Shift way … Continue reading The Boogeyman Review

AP Productions: Winghaven #12

Alysa knew Pete Bone Splitter had been in juvenile detention with Creed and once she began to think about the strange jar in Creed’s office, she surmised Pete might have some information. Learning about Creed’s past with the Skinwalkers might give her insight as to what would happen next. She realized she was likely cursing herself by talking about it but she was willing to … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #12

AP Productions: Winghaven #11

Creed’s office was in a non-descript two story red brick building. The first floor was the office itself with the front window simply reading “Private Investigator” with the business’ phone number underneath. The second floor contained Creed’s one room apartment. His motorcycle was normally parked in the back lot with a tarp over it alongside his pickup truck. Alysa crossed the street to the small … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #11

AP Productions: Winghaven #9

Alysa ran to Creed’s side, “Hold on, Creed. I got this.” He remained on the floor, blood pooling around his body as he coughed and choked. “Just… go after Torres,” Creed’s voice was pained but sure, “I can… tell you where he is.” She didn’t even look at him as she went to work, “Tell me after.” She knew a few minor healing spells; they … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #9

Housing Complex C (from Adult Swim)

A bit predictable, but maybe that’s from seeing a lot of Anime in my life. Beautifully (and frightfully) animated from top notch studio Project I. G. (They do most of the Ghost in the Shell stuff), “Housing Complex C” tells the tale of an apartment complex where several seniors and a few families reside. There’s a girl named Kimi, who lives with her mother. All … Continue reading Housing Complex C (from Adult Swim)

AP Productions: Winghaven #6

Early that afternoon, they arrived at a cul-de-sac in front of a two-story home that looked almost identical to all the homes around it.  It was quiet and as normal as Winghaven could get. Alysa got out, still angry about her defeat earlier that morning. Creed picked up on it, “Your mom taught you the mystic arts,” he began sympathetically, “Are you sensing anything about … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #6

AP Productions: Winghaven #5

Alysa finally fell asleep on the cot downstairs after eating a sandwich and the snacks Grace had given her.  It was 5am and Stagger Lee’s was closing; the staff placed chairs on the tables and wiped off the counters as the final patrons exited.  Creed sat at the bar with Cassandra and they downed two final shots of whiskey together.   “How long did Johns and … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #5

AP Productions: Winghaven #4

Ten Years Ago… Farrell Creed and Ella Saraki walked through the dark woods together, the light of their flashlights falling on the foliage surrounding them.  The owner of the property had seen signs of trespassers on his land and after the police had been unsuccessful in finding anyone in the woods, Creed had been hired to remove them.  The owner suspected teenagers or drug addicts. … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #4

Top Ten Horror-Comedies

So to the surprise of no one who is aware that the Stew World Order podcast exists, my absolute favorite genre of movie is “Comic Book”. I have yet to get tired of seeing these amazing properties and ideas that I loved in my most formative years get turned into blockbuster epics with fantastic effects and A-list actors. But a very close second for me … Continue reading Top Ten Horror-Comedies

AP Productions: Winghaven #3

The Nevada Desert. A circle of Iconoclasts stood under the hot sun in deep meditation with a series of tents nearby. Walking along Ley Lines for short distances was a common ability among most Iconoclasts as they rarely entered motorized vehicles with a few exceptions. Traveling long distances was more difficult, often requiring a priestess or priest if not, a very powerful mystic. One such … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #3