Thirteen The Fridayth: Shudder Roulette!

Sometimes these Fridays The 13th just sneak right up on you! I didn’t even know this one was coming. I better glance at the calendar and see when the next one might be so I can prepare. (January!) Anyway, welcome back to another edition of THIRTEEN THE FRIDAYTH, the insipidly named series where I discuss random horror movie goings on. Mostly since I just love … Continue reading Thirteen The Fridayth: Shudder Roulette!

2021 New Releases [I Saw], Ranked! (Part 1)

I watched over 200 movies in the year 2021, easily and happily meeting the goal I had set for myself. I am… not going to rank every movie I saw this year. That would be really hard. And by that I mean, I might get bored and do it eventually because I am lame and have literally NO NEW YEAR’S EVE PLANS. So what else … Continue reading 2021 New Releases [I Saw], Ranked! (Part 1)

Ranking The Franchise: Friday The 13th

This is something I did last year during the infancy of SWO Productions for the Halloween franchise, and it’s something I kept meaning to come back to: a series where I rank all of the movies (or all of the ones I have seen) in a classic film franchise. I get a lot of mileage out of discussing my Halloween rankings, so I bet I … Continue reading Ranking The Franchise: Friday The 13th

Halloween Kills Review

*NOTE: The middle section of this article will contain spoilers, and I’ll delineate where they start and end!* Is there any Halloween movie more divisive than the 2018 outing that reset the franchise to another timeline–its FIFTH if you count the Rob Zombie and Halloween 3 portions of the multiverse!–and started a new Michael Myers trilogy? When it comes to discussing the Halloween movies, there … Continue reading Halloween Kills Review

Malignant Review

Here’s the thing. I usually break down my movie reviews into three sections: Non-Spoiler intro / Spoiler story section / Non-spoiler wrap-up. There is virtually no way possible I can talk about this movie without at least mild spoilers. I just wouldn’t have very much to say! So here’s your advance warning: This ENTIRE ARTICLE is a SPOILER WARNING! Yeah, look at that trailer! Man, … Continue reading Malignant Review

Thirteen The Fridayth: Multiple Jasons Theory!

I’m not crazy, okay? Just… don’t forget that as we go on here. I mean, I’m nuts for Jason Movies, but that’s allowable, right? They are good-to-great movies! Well… okay-to-great. All right, they are sucky-to-great. I know, I know. Jason Goes To Hell still exists. More on that one later, though, because it’s about to be my Exception-That-Proves-The-Rule movie. (I have actually always hated that … Continue reading Thirteen The Fridayth: Multiple Jasons Theory!