AP Productions: Winghaven #2

Alysa jumped out of her car as people gathered on the streets, gawking at the wall of flames rising from where the Iseda Community Center stood. The buildings nearby were also on fire and badly damaged from the explosion and it seemed as if the fire might spread through the entire block. “Mom!,” she screamed hysterically, “Mom!” She looked around franticly for any signs of … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #2

AP Productions: Badges #2

The Cloudburst landed at the Interpol HQ in Lyon, France. Pierce walked out onto the landing strip as the agents emerged, the flight crew immediately checking on the ship for any significant damage. Bronson wore a blanket wrapped around his waist to replace his destroyed clothes. “Everyone alright?,” Pierce asked. “No,” Mansoor stated frankly, “I saw Bronson’s ass.” “Sorry. The front has a better view,” … Continue reading AP Productions: Badges #2

AP Productions: Badges #1

Milan, Italy. He raced down the street, brushing past pedestrians. “Suspect heading South,” came a voice through an earpiece, “Do we have eyes?” On a nearby rooftop, a woman stood surveying the area until she spotted the suspect several blocks away, “He’s on Della Spiga. I can catch up to him.” Another man ran through the street, coming from the opposite direction, “No worries. I … Continue reading AP Productions: Badges #1

The Chosen: Prologue

Chapter One: Forty Years Ago… Dr. Evan Engelhart had never seen an old woman before. Well, that obviously wasn’t entirely true. He had seen plenty of old women. He had two grandmothers when he was a child, and he watched them get older and older as he grew up before they passed. At his graduation for his undergrad degree, Grandma Millie was borderline ancient! She … Continue reading The Chosen: Prologue

Moon Knight – A Parody Script

Promo – Get ready for an exciting, action-packed episode of Moon Knight. Viewer discretion advised as this is a violent and brutal show with darkness and horror and scary things. Cute Hippo Goddess: Tee-hee. I’m so excited you’re here! OMG! Steven: Oi, Marc! It’s a bloom’n talk’n hippo, innit? Marc: Sure is, buddy. She’s adorable. Steven: But we’ve bloody better get out of here. Harrow’s … Continue reading Moon Knight – A Parody Script

Tales From The Pokedex: Drifloon

Welcome back, chums! Last weekend I offered forth a fictional story based on one of the creepier Pokedex extras from the realm of Pokemon, and here is a second such entry in that series. If you like these, let me know… I’ll keep offering them up over time. One of them leaves his friends and stumbles towards me with shaky, uncertain steps. I lean just … Continue reading Tales From The Pokedex: Drifloon