Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

Here’s the thing: for a guy who who write a weekly review article on comic books—for a guy who has a friggin’ comic book podcast—I read precious few comic books. Old stuff, sure! All the time. But modern stuff? So very, very little. After sorting through whatever book I can find in which Jubilee is currently being published, I seldom dig much deeper. Both Marvel … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 2

Welcome back! This is part two in a [X]-part series in which I look at the best outfits superheroes have worn when they weren’t in their usual attire. Like us, heroes have to keep their appearance fresh, and no matter how classic a look is, change can be good! When last we convened, there may have been some consternation that I considered Terry McGuinness, Miguel O’Hara, … Continue reading Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 2

Stew’s Reviews: DC Rebirth

It somehow simultaneously feels like the New 52 was both an eternity ago and yesterday. What an odd shitshow of an idea that was, and I say that as a person who has, comics-wise, preferred DC to Marvel for most of the 2000’s. To this day, I still have no idea what the New 52 even was; what from Post-Crisis continuity still “happened”? What was erased? It … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: DC Rebirth

Stew’s Reviews: Flash – Blitz

Devotees of my podcast will know I have something of a reputation on our show of being “The DC Guy”, and specifically as “The Flash Guy”. That mostly came about as when I was in college, my Marvel reading had all but fallen off the face of the Earth, while I started getting seriously into DC for the first time ever. I was entering DC … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Flash – Blitz

Stew’s Reviews: The Brave & The Bold

Welcome back to Stew’s Reviews! Devotees will know that it was only a few weeks ago that we were talking Green Lanterns (The War of the Green Lanterns, specifically), and fate has steered us back towards the chartreuse champion as we dig into a six issue miniseries for the second week in a row (this one ends, though, don’t worry!), DC’s The Brave and the Bold. No … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: The Brave & The Bold

Stew’s Reviews: Death of Iris Allen

Even all this time later into Rebirth, I still can’t believe DC just ghosted Wally West for all those years that the New 52 was a thing. Are… are people still saying “ghosted”? If I know about it, then probably not. Wally will always be “my” Flash, no matter how hard they have been pushing the interesting-as-dry-toast Barry Allen back to the top. When I … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Death of Iris Allen

My Top Fifteen Stories Ever: #10 to #6

Last week, after doing some meditating on standards in grading books, I started a list of my Top 15 Comic Stories Ever. Go check it out to see how #11-#15 (the “Honorable Mentions” of my Top Ten, as it were) shook out, because here today, we are moving along to part two of that list, in which I will discuss stories ten through six. I’ve become … Continue reading My Top Fifteen Stories Ever: #10 to #6

Top Five: Rogues Galleries In Comics

This week we’re turning heel and delving into best assortments of villains in all of comics! A dictionary that I didn’t actually bother looking at presumably defines a villain as “the kind of person you chill like” and a gallery as “a place with… art, right? I don’t know“. But in the world of comic books, a line-up of villains–or rogues gallery–is the collection ne’er-do-wells … Continue reading Top Five: Rogues Galleries In Comics