Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Scott Lobdell

Fifty! See, this is why I number these things; so I can feel irrationally proud of myself for hitting arbitrary milestones. But yep, I have been at this for 50 volumes so far. Hopefully you have enjoyed most of them as much as I have enjoyed reading them. I do get a kick out of this series; I have reread some books I love, and … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Scott Lobdell

Stew’s Reviews: Life of Captain Marvel

I will never understand the DC/Marvel fan divide. It’s just one of those things that doesn’t make any sense to me. Why people feel the need to take two things that are virtually the same thing, declare undying loyalty to one, and perpetually lambast the other makes no sense to me. I mean, I guess sports are the same thing. And if you own a … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Life of Captain Marvel

Stew’s Reviews: Batman – Holy Terror

I have fought off the urge to say anything to this point, but I’d like to point out now that this is the 99th edition of Off The Rack! I’ve been at this for some time now, and when we reconvene next week, it will be for my 100th volume of this series! I have been working on a special article for number one-hundred for … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Batman – Holy Terror

Stew’s Reviews: Power Man & Iron Fist

As of this writing, I just finished Luke Cage season 2. Obviously, by the time you read this, that will have come out months ago, but I write these well in advance in case anything comes up where I can’t (for reference’s sake, volume 19, The Long Halloween, was just published yesterday). Sometimes it really matters, too, because I just went through through a stretch of two+ … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Power Man & Iron Fist

Stew’s Reviews: Hulk – Future Imperfect

I miss when Peter David wrote the Hulk. I get into this with my podcast cohorts a lot, because I feel like any Hulk not written by Peter David is not a Hulk to care to read. I feel like they are always coming up to me and saying “There’s a new Hulk book coming out! Check out this radical idea they are rolling out: … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Hulk – Future Imperfect

Stew’s Reviews: New Gods by Jack Kirby

I get why reboots in comics have to be a thing, I guess. It’s 2019, so the idea that middle-aged-but-still-near-his-physical-prime Tony Stark was an adult during the Vietnam War doesn’t make a lot of sense. You’ve got to screw up the time table on these things when you have characters rooted in actual human history, so yeah… every few years, you have to say “IGNORE … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: New Gods by Jack Kirby

Stew’s Reviews: Iron Fist – The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven

I didn’t hate season 1 of Iron Fist on Netflix. I have had some harsh criticism for the Netflix series for a long stretch where, prior to Luke Cage season two, they had seemed to have lost their way, but I actually enjoyed Iron Fist somewhat. Honestly, until Punisher, it was probably my third favorite season of the lot (after the nearly-flawless Jessica Jones and Daredevil inaugural seasons). I … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Iron Fist – The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven

Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

Here’s the thing: for a guy who who write a weekly review article on comic books—for a guy who has a friggin’ comic book podcast—I read precious few comic books. Old stuff, sure! All the time. But modern stuff? So very, very little. After sorting through whatever book I can find in which Jubilee is currently being published, I seldom dig much deeper. Both Marvel … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

Stew’s Reviews: Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon

Andy has recently taken to giving me crap about the way I review books. Apparently, I am too vague and not precise enough! Which is fair. Sometimes I am more into reviewing a run or an overarching arc than I am , like, a single trade collection. Like when I reviewed Fear Agent, I reviewed the ENTIRE SERIES. And when I reviewed Savage Dragon, I tended towards … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon

Stew’s Reviews: The Death of Superman

I’m probably literally the only one, but I am a big Doomsday fan (that’s right, you take your comic reading advice from someone who has so far declared his love for Jubilee, Kyle Rayner, and now Doomsday, so… that probably says more about you than me, honestly). I mean, he’s not a Top Ten character for me, but… Top 25? I could see that. It’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: The Death of Superman

Stew’s Reviews: Death Note

Netflix released a live action version of Death Note not too long ago. It was… not ideal. It was one of those “Any resemblance to the actual source material is purely coincidental” situations, and while I know they had to change a fair amount to turn a manga of several volumes into a two-hour-or-so movie… man. They changed characters’ entire beings. It’s just real bad. If you … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Death Note

Stew’s Reviews: Moon Knight

TITLE: Moon Knight: From The Dead Writer and Artist: Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey Publisher: Marvel Protagonists: Moon Knight Antagonists: Black Spectre Never let it be said I am not a man of the people, because this actually came in as a request! Back in volume 22 where I reviewed Mystique, (where I cross-post these articles) user Adam specifically requested a review of this book. … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Moon Knight

Stew’s Reviews: Winter World

I am currently surrounded by a bunch of Pop Vinyl characters all just sitting on my floor in disarray while I try to figure out where to put them. I don’t really have any satisfactory kind of display place for them, so they are just kind of scattered around. They deserve better than that, but it’s what I do with my collector mentality. I went … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Winter World

Stew’s Reviews: DC Rebirth

It somehow simultaneously feels like the New 52 was both an eternity ago and yesterday. What an odd shitshow of an idea that was, and I say that as a person who has, comics-wise, preferred DC to Marvel for most of the 2000’s. To this day, I still have no idea what the New 52 even was; what from Post-Crisis continuity still “happened”? What was erased? It … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: DC Rebirth