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The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime Part 4 (#85-81)

For more on this countdown so far, check out: #100-#96! #95-#91! #90-#86! On with the list: #85. Robin #46 Hey, I loved this title. Robin was the first DC book I ever started buying monthly (though that distinction is not truly amazing; it was very quickly followed up by The Flash, Green Lantern, JLA, and… Continue Reading →

Pokemon Generation Review: Kalos

Ah, so we’ve reached the end, my friends. My region-by-region review of the Pokemon franchise has pulled into its final destination, the Kalos region. How will it stack up against the rest of the series? First, let’s go to the recap: Region analysis is my attempt at judging each of the six Pokemon regions (Uh,… Continue Reading →

Teen Titans Season One Review

No commercial more instantly turned me off to the idea of watching a television series than the infamous “Fuck Batman” ad that gave us our first look at Titans on the DCUniverse streaming service. When that was my introduction to the series, it was easy enough to write it off as “not for me”, and we even… Continue Reading →

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