WrestleMania 38 Night Two Review

Well I certainly hope Night Two lives up to what Night One gave us! I was a fan of what WWE put together on Saturday, and now I'm expecting more quality. You've raised expectations, Vince & Crew! Before we get into the show, I wanted to do a little self-indulgent celebrating. Saturday was not only... Continue Reading →

WrestleMania Night Two Review

Hey, I am getting to watch WrestleMania live tonight. No more Secret Hitler or pizza with friends. I get to watch pro wrestling in my basement like a winner! After a night one that started weak (by me; I get it, though. You're all all-in on Bobby Lashley) but finished incredibly strong (again, that Belair/Banks... Continue Reading →

WrestleMania Night One Review

First of all, this review is going to be up a little bit later than I would prefer. I'm usually good to get my reviews on these shows up within thirty to forty-five minutes of said show's conclusion. But for WrestleMania night one... I will have been hours behind. My apologies! My wife had the... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: WrestleMania Matches Ever

WrestleMania is rad. Whether you like professional wrestling or not, there's still a national mystique around WrestleMania. It's wrestling's Superbowl, it's Academy Awards. The biggest night of the wrestling calendar. And while the general wrestling viewing audience is comparatively small nowadays, there is still a curiosity about 'Mania every year. Because so many of us... Continue Reading →

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