Best Part 5+ In A Franchise

We've done the best Threequels! We've done the best Part 4's in franchises! You know what's next, right? No, not Part 5's. Don't be absurd. That was honestly where I was going to go, but JESUS CHRIST that would be near impossible to make even halfway entertaining. There would, what, 3 quality movies? MAYBE? So... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Supporting Casts In Comics

To include independent comics in this list or not; that was the question. The problem that I ran into is that so many independent comics--Saga, Hellboy, Fables, Monstress, Strangers In Paradise, Spawn, and so many more--are so inextricably linked to their supporting cast that the idea of a "main character" in those books can get... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Parts 3 In A Franchise

When I thought of doing this list, it seemed like it would be... exactly as hard as it ended up being. But for the opposite reason as the one that ended up proving true. I figured there would be about five really strong contenders, and then I'd be filling out the list with two-star flicks... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Movies in the MCU

I wrote this list before Phase 4 of the MCU started because I was saving it for when I set up my new site schedule in April 2022. But I wanted to get a headstart, so I was making and starting lists several months ago. That was dumb! I had to edit it TWICE throughout... Continue Reading →

Special One Year Anniversary Episode!

On this special anniversary episode, John from Pint O’ Comics, Ken from the Ocho Duro Parlay Hour, and Julio from The Contrarians hop on to celebrate Stew’s first year of podcasting! To get the festivities going, the three discuss advice they’d give to those who want to start podcasting. Then they get into the meat of the show by giving their Top 5 Movies that the SWO covered in Year 1! For more from SWO Productions, head to! For more from the #ODPH, go to For more Pint O' Comics, check out 1

2022 Movie Log: March

This was finally a big month for new releases on my part. Prior to March, I think I'd only seen two movies actually released IN 2022. I know I follow some other folks that had already been up to thirty new releases this year, and... wow. I have no idea where they are finding things... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Favorite Comic Writers

When you watch a movie, is the acting more important than the script? It's weird how that is never really a consideration, right? Like nobody ever postulates "Would you rather watch a movie with Oscar caliber performances of a bad story? Or wooden, unfeeling actors portraying a brilliant story concept?" And yet, it's something comic... Continue Reading →

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