Ranking The Halloween Movies

The original Halloween movie is very sneakily probably the movie I have seen more than any other. It seems weird, but I watched it a lot as a kid, and even as an adult I watch it with some regularity during the Halloween season. So usually at least once more with each passing year. Every fall, the leaves change, the weather gets colder, and I … Continue reading Ranking The Halloween Movies

Top Ten: Superman Stories

I wasted far too many of my years as a comic book fan complaining that Superman was “boring” or “vanilla”. It honestly wouldn’t be until within the last ten years or so that I would start appreciating who Clark Kent is as a character and look to abandon the whole notion that he was boring because he is too powerful. Superman’s powerset isn’t the defining … Continue reading Top Ten: Superman Stories

Top Ten Non-Disney Animated Movies

I’ve been sitting on this idea for SO LONG! You see, SEVERAL YEARS AGO, when I was doing my previous podcast, my then-cohost and I were asked to guest star on another podcast for their Pod V Pod challenge. Those challenges had two quiz rounds, followed up by a draft challenge. The draft for that episode was Best Non-Disney/Pixar Animated Movies. I had a blast … Continue reading Top Ten Non-Disney Animated Movies

The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #25-21

And we are once again back as we look back at Wizard Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Single Issue Comics Of A Seemingly Arbitrary Time Period. If you want to check up with comics #100-26 that got us to this point, click HERE. With that, I’m VERY excited to get into this part of the list because, well, I already sneaked a peak at … Continue reading The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #25-21

The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #35-26

Yes, it’s been a while! I know, I know! I’ve been busy. Let’s get right into it. Not fair to make you wait any longer. For more on this list recounting up to this point, click HERE! Just follow the links backwards. #35) Omega Men #26 My very limited experience with anything having to do with The Omega Men is entirely the Tom King mini-series … Continue reading The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #35-26

Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

It’s June! The official start of summer! Now, the movie industry will tell you that the summer starts in May, even possibly encroaching into the end of April, but I don’t buy it. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer starts June… June… June twenty-somehingth. I’m not sure exactly. It’s definitely a solstice. But that’s not the point. The point is… not May. They can release … Continue reading Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

Top Ten: Songs of the 2010’s (BY ROCK CANDY!)

First, a disclaimer of sorts. You’re probably expecting two hosts of a music podcast to have something poignant and intelligent to say about their Best Songs of the 2010s list, but they can’t all be winners, amirite? Sometimes a jam is just a jam and you can’t explain it. If you’ve listened to our podcast then you probably already know that our tastes differ pretty … Continue reading Top Ten: Songs of the 2010’s (BY ROCK CANDY!)

Bottom 5: Worst Generation 3 Pokémon

Moving on with our coverage of the most annoying/boring/uninspired Pokémon in existence, we journey to the water-covered Hoenn region, and see what it has to offer us for just bottom-of-the-barrel Pokeys. We’ve previously covered Kanto and Johto, and our current team of bad pokeys sits at Jynx and Unown. And you know what? There’s not even anything outrageously bad here in Hoenn. You’d think that … Continue reading Bottom 5: Worst Generation 3 Pokémon

Best Part 5+ In A Franchise

We’ve done the best Threequels! We’ve done the best Part 4’s in franchises! You know what’s next, right? No, not Part 5’s. Don’t be absurd. That was honestly where I was going to go, but JESUS CHRIST that would be near impossible to make even halfway entertaining. There would, what, 3 quality movies? MAYBE? So I decided to throw everything left all into the pot … Continue reading Best Part 5+ In A Franchise

Top Ten Supporting Casts In Comics

To include independent comics in this list or not; that was the question. The problem that I ran into is that so many independent comics–Saga, Hellboy, Fables, Monstress, Strangers In Paradise, Spawn, and so many more–are so inextricably linked to their supporting cast that the idea of a “main character” in those books can get lost in the shuffle. Sure the BPRD are a support … Continue reading Top Ten Supporting Casts In Comics

Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters (by THE CONTRARIANS!)

ALEX’S TOP FIVE With respect to our host’s, and my Contrarian Compadre’s, lists, I went in a bit of a different direction. In preparing for this, I realized the truest way I could do it would be by providing the blockbusters that meant the most to me. The ones I lived through. So, my list will only consist of those I went to the theater … Continue reading Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters (by THE CONTRARIANS!)

Top Ten: Best Part 4’s In A Franchise

Oh man did I call this one. Previously, when I ranked the best Part Three’s in movie franchises, I noted that when I started putting together the list, I was SHOCKED by how many of them were great. I ended up leaving off several high quality movies because there was such a dearth of winners when movies hit their third entry. So I wondered… if … Continue reading Top Ten: Best Part 4’s In A Franchise