Pop-Tart Quest: Tropical Mango

I’m not sure I’d ever heard of a mango before, like, 15 years ago. Look, when I was growing up, there were eight fruits. Apples, oranges, grapes, lemons, other color apples, other color grapes, watermelons, and strawberries. We didn’t have all these fanciful tropical fruits that you Zoomers grew up with! That was it! We didn’t even know about blueberries; we didn’t know food could … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Tropical Mango

Pop-Tart Quest: Eggo Flavor!

I’m supposed to make a witty Stranger Things pop culture reference here, aren’t I? Like… “Oh, an Eggo flavored Pop-Tart! That’s one of the Stranger Things I’ll see today! I bet the flavor is turned up to Eleven!” (Actually, that… that was good. I should have just led off with that after all) Anyway, the reason I was reluctant to do so initially is because … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Eggo Flavor!

Pop-Tart Quest: Boston Creme Pie

I don’t… I don’t drink coffee. Never have, actually. When I was younger, I just thought it was gross as shit (it is!), but then, in my mid-20’s, I just cut out almost all caffeine from my life entirely, so even if I had been drinking it… I wouldn’t be now. (I wish I could say I felt appreciable differences before and after dropping caffeine. … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Boston Creme Pie

Pop-Tart Quest: Pretzel Tarts

IN A WORLD WHERE SOME PEOPLE THINK “SALT” AND “SWEET” BELONG TOGETHER, POP-TARTS HAS YOUR BACK. USUALLY YOU WILL FIND PRETZELS TO BE TWISTY-TURNEY TREATS, BUT WHAT IF THEY WERE… FLAT? THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! I don’t know that there is a single mall around me that doesn’t have, like, at least TWO Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Shops. And usually in close proximity to one another. … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Pretzel Tarts

Pop-Tart Quest – Peach Cobbler

Sometimes, when Pop-Tarts releases a new flavor, I think “Well, this might be terrible, but I do need to try it for the #PTQ. I’ll just buy an 8-pack, and if I hate them, no great loss. You know the classic 8-pack box! Four foil packets, two Pop-Tarts each. That’s how we’ve been buying Pop-Tarts for years. But no. When Pop-Tarts release these “Eh, I’m … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest – Peach Cobbler

Pop-Tart Quest: Fruit Loops

Guess who’s back. Back again! Pop-Tart Quest is back! Tell a friend. Pop-Tart’s back, Pop-Tart’s back, Pop-Tart’s back, Pop-Tart’s back do do do do do! This is… Pop-Tart Quest! What are you doing with your life, Kellogg’s? It’s been months since the last edition of the #PTQ, and that hasn’t been because I don’t care about my loyal  PTCuties; it’s because they haven’t been releasing … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Fruit Loops

Pop-Tart Quest: Chocolate Cupcake

Sometimes an article series disappears for months at a time before making a triumphant, if temporary return! Maybe it’s not the author’s fault! Maybe there hasn’t been anything new to write about! Ever think about that? No, you only think of yourself! I’m so tired of your nagging ALL THE TIME. This is… POP-TART QUEST Wait, did you forget about Pop-Tart Quest? That is disheartening. Let me (and that link … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Chocolate Cupcake

Pop-Tart Quest: Spider-Man

Man, Pop-Tarts never misses an opportunity to just print a picture on a Tart and call it new. Fun fact, the #PTQ skipped entirely because they are just Cherry Pop-Tarts with a picture of some kind of weird horse/narwhal hybrid on them. I actually thought those were My Little Pony branded Tarts, but… I guess they aren’t? They are just Generic Cartoon Unicorn. Kinda look … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Spider-Man

Pop-Tart Quest: Frosted Crisp Apple

THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! UH, THAT IS ALL THIS WEEK. Fruit pies are the worst kind of pies. There are probably people out there that prefer fruit-based pies to, say, cream-centric pies, but I pity them as human beings, I feel sorry for their descendants, and they can not eat lunch at my table. They make questionable choices, and I worry about what effect their … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Frosted Crisp Apple

Pop-Tart Quest: Peanut Butter

IN A WORLD WHERE KELLOGG’S PUTS OUT FAR FEWER NEW POP-TARTS FLAVORS THAN THEY USED TO, SOMETIMES THERE ARE HUGE GAPS IN THESE ARTICLES! THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! WHO DARES AWAKEN ME FROM MY POP-TART SLUMBER?! Oh, hey there! It’s been… several weeks since our last journey together down Sludge Road. But yeah, I’m STILL not seeing nearly the new amount of Pop-Tart flavors that … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Peanut Butter

Pop-Tart Quest: Splitz

I REALLY FEEL LIKE KELLOGGS AND POP-TARTS ARE JUST IGNORING ME AT THIS POINT. I’M NEVER GOING TO GET MY DISCONTINUED FLAVORS! THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! As conceivably the laziest person alive–someone who will stop at nothing to do as little work as possible and circumvent any methods by which I will have to do so–I absolutely love that there was 100% a conversation in … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Splitz