Pop-Tart Quest: Day Of The Dead!

First: I always get Churros and Crepes confused!

I think the reason for that–aside from the fact that they are both foreign treats that start with a C–is that when I was in the Dominican Republic*, I had crepes once. And so I assume crepes are more Hispanic than they actually are. It’s the only time I had a crepe! My wife was lost on the island somewhere, and I stopped at the nice central crepes stand and had a Nutella crepe while I waited to find her. She turned up; it was fine.

Anyway, it’s weird and dumb to associate crepes with Latin America because of where I ate one once, but hey. Here we are!

Happy Dia De [Los] Muertos, everyone! Celebrate with these artistic Pop-Tarts featuring sugar skulls and stuff! Maybe**.

So I HAVE had crepes… I’m not sure I’ve ever had a churro. I have seen them for sale at Comic Cons, and they look/smell delightful, but I have never indulged. Are they just… doughnuts? Like… straight, twisted doughnuts? That you dip in something? That’s what they remind me of. Am I close?

Based on these Pop-Tarts, I want to say that churros are a chocolate and cinnamon delight. These were pretty damn good! I don’t know why, but the light cinnamon-sugar flavor was unexpected! I really thought these were going to just be dolled up Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts, but nope! Kelloggs put the work into this one, so good for them. There was more going on here than I expected.

Now I feel like I need to find a churro. These were really good! I bet a real churro is even better!

Aside from, like, Spain and the C2E2 comic con, where do churros live?

I’mma Google it…

Okay, apparently several places, so that is nice.

OH, and in this search, I found a local place that sells, like, those weird flavor Oreos and KitKats and shit that other countries get that we don’t, ha! And it’s called “Uncle Man’s Snacks”, and I kind of love that name. Now I need to find a reason to go to Charleroi.

(No one ever needs to go to Charleroi unless you need heroin)

**I have had these Pop-Tarts for at least a year. I got these the last Dia De Los Muertos. So you may not be able to find them this year, sorry!

The box says they were best by… July 2022.

Oops! But if they are this good now, I imagine how good they were in June! Now I really need a real churro!


-Surprising that they weren’t just generic chocolate!


-I don’t know why we needed Pop-Tarts to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, but they are pretty, at least.


-So the DAY of the dead lasts THREE days, which is confusing, but it starts on Halloween, which is even MORE confusing. I genuinely thought Dia De Los Muertos took place… some other point in the year. I sure would like to celebrate each holiday separately!



*When we were in the Dominican Republic, after my wife got found, we went to a place called Monkey… Monkey Land? Monkey Park? Monkey… something

Oh, it was Monkeyland, I was right!

ANYWAY, it’s a whole park where these fucking adorable monkeys jump on you and play with you, and I loved it. So…


-Better than crepes.


Dave & Buster’s has churros! Ahh, that authentic Hispanic experience of D&B.

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