Housing Complex C (from Adult Swim)

A bit predictable, but maybe that’s from seeing a lot of Anime in my life. Beautifully (and frightfully) animated from top notch studio Project I. G. (They do most of the Ghost in the Shell stuff), “Housing Complex C” tells the tale of an apartment complex where several seniors and a few families reside. There’s a girl named Kimi, who lives with her mother. All … Continue reading Housing Complex C (from Adult Swim)

Top Ten Horror-Comedies

So to the surprise of no one who is aware that the Stew World Order podcast exists, my absolute favorite genre of movie is “Comic Book”. I have yet to get tired of seeing these amazing properties and ideas that I loved in my most formative years get turned into blockbuster epics with fantastic effects and A-list actors. But a very close second for me … Continue reading Top Ten Horror-Comedies

Ranking The Halloween Movies

The original Halloween movie is very sneakily probably the movie I have seen more than any other. It seems weird, but I watched it a lot as a kid, and even as an adult I watch it with some regularity during the Halloween season. So usually at least once more with each passing year. Every fall, the leaves change, the weather gets colder, and I … Continue reading Ranking The Halloween Movies

Top Ten: Best Part 4’s In A Franchise

Oh man did I call this one. Previously, when I ranked the best Part Three’s in movie franchises, I noted that when I started putting together the list, I was SHOCKED by how many of them were great. I ended up leaving off several high quality movies because there was such a dearth of winners when movies hit their third entry. So I wondered… if … Continue reading Top Ten: Best Part 4’s In A Franchise

Thirteen The Fridayth: Shudder Roulette!

Sometimes these Fridays The 13th just sneak right up on you! I didn’t even know this one was coming. I better glance at the calendar and see when the next one might be so I can prepare. (January!) Anyway, welcome back to another edition of THIRTEEN THE FRIDAYTH, the insipidly named series where I discuss random horror movie goings on. Mostly since I just love … Continue reading Thirteen The Fridayth: Shudder Roulette!

Halloween Kills Review

*NOTE: The middle section of this article will contain spoilers, and I’ll delineate where they start and end!* Is there any Halloween movie more divisive than the 2018 outing that reset the franchise to another timeline–its FIFTH if you count the Rob Zombie and Halloween 3 portions of the multiverse!–and started a new Michael Myers trilogy? When it comes to discussing the Halloween movies, there … Continue reading Halloween Kills Review

Malignant Review

Here’s the thing. I usually break down my movie reviews into three sections: Non-Spoiler intro / Spoiler story section / Non-spoiler wrap-up. There is virtually no way possible I can talk about this movie without at least mild spoilers. I just wouldn’t have very much to say! So here’s your advance warning: This ENTIRE ARTICLE is a SPOILER WARNING! Yeah, look at that trailer! Man, … Continue reading Malignant Review

Top Ten: Horror Films of the 2010’s

I was improperly raised on horror movies as a child, as I have detailed before. In addition to the semi-regular Jason-based nightmares that are just ingrained in my DNA at this point, it has given me a lifelong love of the genre. Horror cinema just combines some of the best parts of every other field of film-making; they can be funny and mysterious and tense and … Continue reading Top Ten: Horror Films of the 2010’s

Thirteen The Fridayth: Multiple Jasons Theory!

I’m not crazy, okay? Just… don’t forget that as we go on here. I mean, I’m nuts for Jason Movies, but that’s allowable, right? They are good-to-great movies! Well… okay-to-great. All right, they are sucky-to-great. I know, I know. Jason Goes To Hell still exists. More on that one later, though, because it’s about to be my Exception-That-Proves-The-Rule movie. (I have actually always hated that … Continue reading Thirteen The Fridayth: Multiple Jasons Theory!

Ranking The Friday The 13th Franchise Movies

I don’t actually call the Friday The 13th movies “Friday The 13th”. I mean… I know that’s the name of the Franchise, but it just doesn’t work for me. They’re “Jason Movies”. They’ve always been “Jason Movies” to me, and they always will be “Jason Movies” to me. Even when a startling number of them don’t have… you know… Jason in them. That’s weird. But … Continue reading Ranking The Friday The 13th Franchise Movies

Thirteen The Fridayth: Part 3!

In case the title isn’t tipping you off, we’ve been here before. Twice, even! Nary a Friday the 13th passes without my ranting about horror flicks. It’s mostly a horror stream of consciousness, frankly. I never go into these articles with a plan. Planning is for people that have something important to say! So what’s not important right now…? I was recently at some very dear friends’ going … Continue reading Thirteen The Fridayth: Part 3!