Episode 47: Justice League (The Whedon Cut, I guess?)

Okay, episode numbers are back in order now! Whew!

Shaner from the What’s Shaking With Shaner podcast joins the order to talk the first attempt at a Justice League movie given to us by Warner Brothers. Is it as bad as we’ve been told?

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Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

My wife and I had an extremely romantic date night at Dave & Buster’s tonight. Weird dinner experience where our waiter actively tried to dissuade us from BOTH meals we ordered. I asked for some Kobe meatball dinner they had, and he went into a story about how his Italian grandmother makes meatballs, and the restaurant’s aren’t as good as hers, and am I SURE … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

I just bought hockey tickets! I haven’t been to a game a long time; several years at this point, actually. I went through a stretch in the mid-2000’s where I made it to at least one Pittsburgh Penguins game per year, but it’s been a solid decade since I have gone. Every time I have been to the PPG Arena since it has opened, it’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

Stew’s Reviews: Batman – Holy Terror

I have fought off the urge to say anything to this point, but I’d like to point out now that this is the 99th edition of Off The Rack! I’ve been at this for some time now, and when we reconvene next week, it will be for my 100th volume of this series! I have been working on a special article for number one-hundred for … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Batman – Holy Terror

Stew’s Reviews: New Gods by Jack Kirby

I get why reboots in comics have to be a thing, I guess. It’s 2019, so the idea that middle-aged-but-still-near-his-physical-prime Tony Stark was an adult during the Vietnam War doesn’t make a lot of sense. You’ve got to screw up the time table on these things when you have characters rooted in actual human history, so yeah… every few years, you have to say “IGNORE … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: New Gods by Jack Kirby

Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

Here’s the thing: for a guy who who write a weekly review article on comic books—for a guy who has a friggin’ comic book podcast—I read precious few comic books. Old stuff, sure! All the time. But modern stuff? So very, very little. After sorting through whatever book I can find in which Jubilee is currently being published, I seldom dig much deeper. Both Marvel … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

The Batman (2022) review

Wow, what can I say about Matt Reeves’ take on The Batman? After nearly a decade of Snyder & Affleck nearly ruining cinematic Bat adventures for me (seriously, Batman using MACHINE GUNS and KILLING PEOPLE?! I mean, could you miss the point of the character’s backstory anymore? Especially when so heavily relying on the “Martha” reference to tie your “Snyderverse” together?) Ok, enough of my ranting … Continue reading The Batman (2022) review

Stew’s Reviews: The Death of Superman

I’m probably literally the only one, but I am a big Doomsday fan (that’s right, you take your comic reading advice from someone who has so far declared his love for Jubilee, Kyle Rayner, and now Doomsday, so… that probably says more about you than me, honestly). I mean, he’s not a Top Ten character for me, but… Top 25? I could see that. It’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: The Death of Superman

Stew’s Reviews: DC Rebirth

It somehow simultaneously feels like the New 52 was both an eternity ago and yesterday. What an odd shitshow of an idea that was, and I say that as a person who has, comics-wise, preferred DC to Marvel for most of the 2000’s. To this day, I still have no idea what the New 52 even was; what from Post-Crisis continuity still “happened”? What was erased? It … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: DC Rebirth

Jab’s Deep Dives: History of the Teen Titans, Part 1

THE TEEN TITANS PART ONE: Now, this series has the unfortunate legacy of being at it’s best in the early 1980s, and every subsequent run on the book has since looked to that era and been judged against it. The book also has the reputation for having some of the most stringent editorial control in comics- neither rep is particularly helpful for good writing. Here’s … Continue reading Jab’s Deep Dives: History of the Teen Titans, Part 1

Stew’s Reviews: Animal Man

Way back in Volume 12 of this series, I had made a promise I failed to follow through on, and for that, I owe you an apology. I believe it went something like “Every twelve issues, a review of a book starring Jubilee!” (because my first and dozenth article both featured Marvel fabulous, frantic firecracker). Well, volume 24 came and, instead, I did a DC … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Animal Man

Stew’s Reviews: Flash – Blitz

Devotees of my podcast will know I have something of a reputation on our show of being “The DC Guy”, and specifically as “The Flash Guy”. That mostly came about as when I was in college, my Marvel reading had all but fallen off the face of the Earth, while I started getting seriously into DC for the first time ever. I was entering DC … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Flash – Blitz

Stew’s Reviews: Fables – The Last Castle

I am a big fan of the TellTale Games Walking Dead series, even though the last season got canned unfinished when TellTale went out of business. I have heard that another company was going to pick up the ball and finish the season out so that the games could have a proper conclusion, but if that has already happened (and it may have), I totally … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Fables – The Last Castle

Stew’s Reviews: Superboy by Geoff Johns

Several weeks I ago I was critical of the Lex Luthor Unauthorized Biography comic, and ever since I reviewed it, I was hoping to swing back around and review another book I read once that also touches a bit on Lex Luthor’s home life and childhood. You know what? This seems like as good of a time as any! TITLE: Superboy: The Boy of Steel … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Superboy by Geoff Johns