Top Ten: Generation Five Pokemon

After years and years of playing Pokemon, Generation 5 is the time when things finally started to change. With Generation 5 came improved Wi-Fi capabilities and a better device, the Nintendo 3DS (to be clear, Black and White were not 3DS games, but the 3DS' backwards compatibility meant they could be played on it). And... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Generation Four Pokemon

So I bought a Nintendo Switch. And yeah, it SEEMS like a good idea. After all... there are so many good games, right? Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3! That Zelda one that everyone was on about! Something about Super Mario's hat! And another Smash Brawl Melee, probably! So many games. But nah. I really only bought... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Generation Three Pokemon

Pokemon's Generation 3 is a weird one for me. In hindsight, it was a great, important generation. Introduced abilities. Gave us the first true system leap as Pokemon bounded from the Gameboy to the Gameboy Advance. Introduced some new battle mechanics. But man... when it came out, I was just so "meh" to it. I... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Generation One Pokemon

As it turns out, I am something of A Pokemon fan. I'm not a hardcore gamer by any stretch of the imagination. Video games are a part-time pastime for me, and if they get too convoluted or difficult, my interest wanes rapidly. That said, the amount of time I have put into Pokemon across its many formats has... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Generation Review: Kalos

Ah, so we’ve reached the end, my friends. My region-by-region review of the Pokemon franchise has pulled into its final destination, the Kalos region. How will it stack up against the rest of the series? First, let’s go to the recap: Region analysis is my attempt at judging each of the six Pokemon regions (Uh,... Continue Reading →

Tales From The Pokedex: Drifloon

Welcome back, chums! Last weekend I offered forth a fictional story based on one of the creepier Pokedex extras from the realm of Pokemon, and here is a second such entry in that series. If you like these, let me know... I'll keep offering them up over time. One of them leaves his friends and... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Generation Review: Unova

When last we reviewed a Pokemon region, I covered my absolute favorite region of all the times, Sinnoh. As I mentioned, I just loved Generation 4 on every level; Sinnoh was my favorite region because they just did everything so damn well, and then it had the remakes of the Johto era games, and I... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Generation Review: Sinnoh

As before, let’s recap if you’re just joining us. I’m reviewing each Pokemon generation and region one-by one and measuring them against each other in seven categories. I’ve ranked each gen in each category, and am sharing the scores with you to determine how they rate. A score of 6/6 in any category means that the... Continue Reading →

Pokemon: A Bug’s Life

This will come as no surprise to literally anyone who knows anything about me, but I play a LOT of Pokemon. I have essentially been playing Pokemon non-stop since 1998 or 1999. In one form or another, in one generation or another, I've been playing a lot of Pokemon for the last twenty-plus years. I... Continue Reading →

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