NXT Takeover 36 Review

Is this the last NXT Takeover event? Is this the last RELEVANT NXT Takeover event? Is all the talk of an NXT makeover much ado about nothing? They agreement with Full Sail is over. Everyone's favorite WWE exec, Nick Khan, has promised changes (and has also been hacking away at NXT's lower and midcard rosters... Continue Reading →

NXT Takeover In Your House Review

I'm not sure why NXT is essentially the hand-me-down brand. Everything that used to be a wrestling thing that is no longer a wrestling thing somehow gets given to NXT to become their wrestling thing. In Your House, Halloween Havoc, Great American Bash... these used to be real WWF/WCW pay-per-views of the 1990's. But they've... Continue Reading →

NXT Stand & Deliver Night 2 Review

So Night One of NXT's WrestleMania week show, Stand & Deliver, was a bit of a mixed bag. Sure there were three definitively stellar matches, but the main event Women's Title match was a touch of a letdown. And the Gauntlet Eliminator match had some really fun moments (most of them between Bronson Reed and... Continue Reading →

NXT Stand & Deliver Night One Review

NXTmania week starts now! A two-night NXT Takeover? Leading in to a two-night WrestleMania? I guess I'm just not going to expect anything for Christmas this year because this must be it. NXT has really been killing it with angles lately, though, so it definitely needed two nights for this Takeover. There's just a lot... Continue Reading →

The 2020 SWO Wrestling Awards!

I am a bit late on this, what with it being January 13th and all, but I'll let you in on a secret: this isn't really MY idea. You see, these annual awards are the brainchild of 411mania.com, where each of the contributors makes a list, then each day one new category is unveiled to... Continue Reading →

Bret Hart Categories: Modern

You may have noticed recently that we have been reviewing classic wrestlers based on the idea that there are three categories by which you can break down a talent (Bret Hart said so!). But were you aware that wrestling didn't end at, say, 2009?! It turns out it didn't, so we thought we'd do a... Continue Reading →

NXT War Games 2020 Review

For the fourth time already (wow!), it's NXT's new annual tradition: War Games! I'll be honest... I had completely forgotten that KUSHIDA was not a part of this card until the pre-show failed to mention him. He's been getting something of a huge push recently, so I was surprised he wasn't included in some format.... Continue Reading →

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