Episode 64: Thor Love & Thunder

The incomparable Nick from The Livestream For The Cure and Nikolai’s Kitchen joins The Order to discuss the fourth Thor outing in the MCU… and be gushed over by Stew.


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Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 2

Welcome back! This is part two in a [X]-part series in which I look at the best outfits superheroes have worn when they weren’t in their usual attire. Like us, heroes have to keep their appearance fresh, and no matter how classic a look is, change can be good! When last we convened, there may have been some consternation that I considered Terry McGuinness, Miguel O’Hara, … Continue reading Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 2

MCU Disney+ Year In Review – Loki

When Disney+ announced they would have MCU series on their platform, they did so by revealing the first three shows: Wandavision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, and Loki. They released a teaser shortly after that. If you notice, the only thing they had for Loki was a logo and a short clip with him looking into the camera and saying “I’m gonna burn this place to … Continue reading MCU Disney+ Year In Review – Loki