AP Productions: Winghaven #5

Alysa finally fell asleep on the cot downstairs after eating a sandwich and the snacks Grace had given her.  It was 5am and Stagger Lee’s was closing; the staff placed chairs on the tables and wiped off the counters as the final patrons exited.  Creed sat at the bar with Cassandra and they downed two final shots of whiskey together.   “How long did Johns and … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #5

AP Productions: Winghaven #4

Ten Years Ago… Farrell Creed and Ella Saraki walked through the dark woods together, the light of their flashlights falling on the foliage surrounding them.  The owner of the property had seen signs of trespassers on his land and after the police had been unsuccessful in finding anyone in the woods, Creed had been hired to remove them.  The owner suspected teenagers or drug addicts. … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #4

AP Productions: Cavalier #4

“Mike, did you steal my suit?,” Arthur Hawkwood growled over the phone. He sat inside the Dragon hovercraft, looking at the two armors against the wall (his father’s and grandfather’s) and the spot where a third was meant to be. “Yup,” Michael turned away from his desk to look at the suit of black armor standing against the wall in his apartment. “You’re looking at … Continue reading AP Productions: Cavalier #4

AP Productions: Winghaven #3

The Nevada Desert. A circle of Iconoclasts stood under the hot sun in deep meditation with a series of tents nearby. Walking along Ley Lines for short distances was a common ability among most Iconoclasts as they rarely entered motorized vehicles with a few exceptions. Traveling long distances was more difficult, often requiring a priestess or priest if not, a very powerful mystic. One such … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #3

AP Productions: Cavalier #3

1954… Reginald Hawkwood stood in his garage, a punching bag hanging from the rafters. His son Hank stood before him with boxing gloves that were slightly too large for him. Reginald nudged Hank’s feet with the tip of his shoe, “Widen your stance a bit,” he told his young son, “And mind your breathing. Now, go.” Hank began throwing quick punches into the bag. “Excellent,” … Continue reading AP Productions: Cavalier #3

AP Productions: Winghaven #2

Alysa jumped out of her car as people gathered on the streets, gawking at the wall of flames rising from where the Iseda Community Center stood. The buildings nearby were also on fire and badly damaged from the explosion and it seemed as if the fire might spread through the entire block. “Mom!,” she screamed hysterically, “Mom!” She looked around franticly for any signs of … Continue reading AP Productions: Winghaven #2

AP Productions: Badges #2

The Cloudburst landed at the Interpol HQ in Lyon, France. Pierce walked out onto the landing strip as the agents emerged, the flight crew immediately checking on the ship for any significant damage. Bronson wore a blanket wrapped around his waist to replace his destroyed clothes. “Everyone alright?,” Pierce asked. “No,” Mansoor stated frankly, “I saw Bronson’s ass.” “Sorry. The front has a better view,” … Continue reading AP Productions: Badges #2

AP Productions: Badges #1

Milan, Italy. He raced down the street, brushing past pedestrians. “Suspect heading South,” came a voice through an earpiece, “Do we have eyes?” On a nearby rooftop, a woman stood surveying the area until she spotted the suspect several blocks away, “He’s on Della Spiga. I can catch up to him.” Another man ran through the street, coming from the opposite direction, “No worries. I … Continue reading AP Productions: Badges #1

And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Welcome to the third part of what has become an unintentional trilogy.  Within the past several months, I re-watched the original trilogy of Karate Kid movies, then I decided to buckle down and watch the fourth for the first time.  Just to complete the trifecta, I re-watched the 2010 Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.  Interestingly enough, this was the only Karate … Continue reading And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake