Current Obsession: Dead By Daylight

I try very hard to not do things pointlessly. I just have too much to do lately. Writing some fiction. Writing articles. Podcasting. And that’s all on top of, you know, BEING AN ADULT and having a job and a wife and things to do. My days are very full, and there is constantly one thing or another I’m “meant” to be doing, even if … Continue reading Current Obsession: Dead By Daylight

Jab’s Game Reviews: World Heroes

WORLD HEROES: World Heroes is pretty much the bastards child of SNK’s fighting game series. There are worse one-shots and little-known side games (Aggressors of Dark Kombat, for example), but the four games comprising the World Heroes Universe stand out as being beneath SNK’s notice for the most part. The first game came out in 1992, hot on the tails of the success of Street Fighter II, … Continue reading Jab’s Game Reviews: World Heroes

Jab’s Game Reviews: Double Dragon

Double Dragon Double Dragon was a pretty sweet game back in the day. Everyone I knew played the 1988 Nintendo version. One of the very first of the “Beat ‘Em Up” genre, it has the standard plotline of “They kidnapped my girlfriend, so let’s you and me go and beat down their asses, one by one”. You played either Billy or Jimmy Lee (just Billy … Continue reading Jab’s Game Reviews: Double Dragon

Entertainment Rex: September 2021

Last month, I lamented that I had only seen ten movies in the span of an entire month. I went on a September TEAR to make up for that! So let’s get straight into the first half of September’s recommendations. MOVIES Seventeen days, twelve movies. That’s more like it. I kind of blew up in the last few days of August, man. And those ratings … Continue reading Entertainment Rex: September 2021

Top Ten: Video Games of the 2010’s

Here’s the thing about me… I am not much of a gamer. I LIKE video games; I PLAY video games damn frequently. But it’s more that I’m not good at games, and because of that, I tire of individual titles easily. I also have a bad penchant for buying games and either NEVER playing them or playing them for about two hours and never touching … Continue reading Top Ten: Video Games of the 2010’s

Entertainment Rex: May 2021

Welcome back to Entertainment Rex, your twice monthly article series where I let you know what fun is out there to be had. Twice monthly is a good schedule. It’s my favorite way to schedule. Podcasts? Twice a month. Entertainment Rex? Twice a month? Stew’s Reviews? Twice a month! Everything is two times per month. It’s very symmetrical that way. I don’t really have an … Continue reading Entertainment Rex: May 2021