Jab’s Game Reviews: World Heroes

WORLD HEROES: World Heroes is pretty much the bastards child of SNK's fighting game series. There are worse one-shots and little-known side games (Aggressors of Dark Kombat, for example), but the four games comprising the World Heroes Universe stand out as being beneath SNK's notice for the most part. The first game came out in 1992,... Continue Reading →

Jab’s TMNT Review: Overview Part 2

For part one in this series, click HERE! THE PLAYMATES TOY LINE:-Well crap, you want something every kid I knew was OBSESSED with, back in the day? Look no further. These toys were AWESOME- some were incredibly-detailed, some were HUGE, and plenty of them kicked ass. My brother and I had all kinds of these... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Generation Five Pokemon

After years and years of playing Pokemon, Generation 5 is the time when things finally started to change. With Generation 5 came improved Wi-Fi capabilities and a better device, the Nintendo 3DS (to be clear, Black and White were not 3DS games, but the 3DS' backwards compatibility meant they could be played on it). And... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Generation Four Pokemon

So I bought a Nintendo Switch. And yeah, it SEEMS like a good idea. After all... there are so many good games, right? Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3! That Zelda one that everyone was on about! Something about Super Mario's hat! And another Smash Brawl Melee, probably! So many games. But nah. I really only bought... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Generation Three Pokemon

Pokemon's Generation 3 is a weird one for me. In hindsight, it was a great, important generation. Introduced abilities. Gave us the first true system leap as Pokemon bounded from the Gameboy to the Gameboy Advance. Introduced some new battle mechanics. But man... when it came out, I was just so "meh" to it. I... Continue Reading →

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