Stew’s [Quick] Reviews: Grandma Chainsaw

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting to review a gem of an independent comic book called POCUS HOCUS. Well today we are looking at another title by the same creative team (Dunford, Radford, Balondo, etc): GRANDMA CHAINSAW! As you can tell by reading the previously linked article, I dug Pocus Hocus and the world it was building. There is a great deal … Continue reading Stew’s [Quick] Reviews: Grandma Chainsaw

The Batman (2022) review

Wow, what can I say about Matt Reeves’ take on The Batman? After nearly a decade of Snyder & Affleck nearly ruining cinematic Bat adventures for me (seriously, Batman using MACHINE GUNS and KILLING PEOPLE?! I mean, could you miss the point of the character’s backstory anymore? Especially when so heavily relying on the “Martha” reference to tie your “Snyderverse” together?) Ok, enough of my ranting … Continue reading The Batman (2022) review

The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #70-66

We’re back at the good ol’ Wizard list of the top 100 comic books from 1979 – 2006. For more in this series, click HERE! Let’s get into the next chunk… #70. Planetary: Night On Earth Warren Ellis is very much on of those “Oh man, why did YOU have to turn out to be a dick bag?” kind of guys. Planetary, like much of … Continue reading The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #70-66

Top Ten: Best Comics’ Alternate Universes

It’s probably me. I’m probably the sucker. I really just enjoy continuity in my funnybooks. I want things that happened before to MATTER. Elseworlds and What If’s are fun, but ultimately, I want there to be a big, long line of continuity that carries through the “main” books of a comics universe. If what happened before doesn’t make a difference to what matters now, then… … Continue reading Top Ten: Best Comics’ Alternate Universes

Entertainment Rex: February Part 1

My back is not yet 100%, but it’s miles ahead of where it was at this point in January. It turns out that I have a mutant healing factor! OR I was being a hypochondriac. But probably the healing factor. That seems more likely. Anyway: it’s Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day to lovers, young and old. I know, I know. Valentine’s Day is a commercial … Continue reading Entertainment Rex: February Part 1

Top Ten: Best Comic Book Characters Since 1981

I turned 40 recently. I know it’s “just a number” and “you are as old as you feel” and all (which… isn’t useful ever since I fell down the stairs in December and hurt my back; I feel 65), but it’s still a whole thing, right? Turning FORTY, man. Thirty is no big deal; you’re just “more of an adult” at that point. Fifty is … Continue reading Top Ten: Best Comic Book Characters Since 1981

Heroes Of Manga

Previously, I had discussed the recent disdain I have found for both Marvel and DC; a disdain which led to my culling all of the titles from each publisher from my current pull list at my comic shop. I went on and into what I see as the inevitable future of the industry–an online-only model that replaces expensive and less profitable printed books with subscription … Continue reading Heroes Of Manga