Entertainment Rex: October 2021

Guys, my house is a wreck. We have started decorating for Halloween and getting everything spookified, but the interior of the house constantly looks like a bomb went off. We are not an organized people. This isn't even related to the decorations; it's just the constant state of our home! We always have these designs... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Fictional Mothers

Mothers and their children share a special something something. Hey, I don't know what to tell you; my own mom was the dirt fucking worst. All kinds of abusive and really just the absolute pits. She died a long time ago, though, so it's fine. I won. But what are you, my therapist? This isn't... Continue Reading →

Malignant Review

Here's the thing. I usually break down my movie reviews into three sections: Non-Spoiler intro / Spoiler story section / Non-spoiler wrap-up. There is virtually no way possible I can talk about this movie without at least mild spoilers. I just wouldn't have very much to say! So here's your advance warning: This ENTIRE ARTICLE... Continue Reading →

Free Guy Review

What timing! I saw Free Guy the same day as the Thor: Ragnarok episode of my podcast was released! It's TaikaMania running wild, brother! Every so often I fall harmlessly but accidentally into kismet. For just the fourth time since COVID started (wait... fourth? Let me check. The Conjuring, this, Black Widow, A Quiet Place... Continue Reading →

Suicide Squad 2021 Review

Suicide Squad is an R-rated movie. And don't worry, because the movie sure as fuck wants you to know it. Unlike the Zack Snyder's Reheated Justice League Movie from earlier in this year which was seemingly given an R-rating by the skin of its teeth in an attempt to feel edgier than it should have... Continue Reading →

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