Top Ten: Movies in the MCU

I wrote this list before Phase 4 of the MCU started because I was saving it for when I set up my new site schedule in April 2022. But I wanted to get a headstart, so I was making and starting lists several months ago. That was dumb! I had to edit it TWICE throughout... Continue Reading →

Jeremy’s Recent Movie Reviews

YES GOD YES When I first started watching Karen Marie’s “Yes God Yes”, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. A friend on Twitter (@filmgal) had recommended it, and she and I seem to have pretty similar tastes in cinema. Well, I have to say, I was not let down! Yes God Yes is a... Continue Reading →

2022 Movie Log: March

This was finally a big month for new releases on my part. Prior to March, I think I'd only seen two movies actually released IN 2022. I know I follow some other folks that had already been up to thirty new releases this year, and... wow. I have no idea where they are finding things... Continue Reading →

2022 Movie Log: February

I mentioned in January that by month's end, I was on pace to see 300 movies in the 2022 calendar year. Of course, there was NO WAY I was going to keep that pace up. It's ridiculous! Clearly I have better things to do than watch movies! I'd obviously settle down to a 250 pace--still... Continue Reading →

“The Power of the Dog” review

Phew, what a heavy ride this film is! This is not by any means a "feel good" film. It's a rough, take no prisoners, assault on the emotions. Not just for one character either. Basically every lead character has a defining arc of pain and loss throughout the entire film.Speaking of characters, what an incredible... Continue Reading →

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