Moon Knight – A Parody Script

Promo - Get ready for an exciting, action-packed episode of Moon Knight. Viewer discretion advised as this is a violent and brutal show with darkness and horror and scary things. Cute Hippo Goddess: Tee-hee. I'm so excited you're here! OMG! Steven: Oi, Marc! It's a bloom'n talk'n hippo, innit? Marc: Sure is, buddy. She's adorable.... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Disney Reviews: Mulan (animated)

MULAN (1998): Written by: Robert D. San Souci, Rita Hsiao, Chris Sanders, Philip LaZebnik, Rymond Singer, Eugenia Bostwick Singer, Dean DeBlois, John Sanford, Tim Hodge, Burny Mattinson, Barry Johnson, Ed Gombert & Chris Williams Mulan is one of the last movies of the Disney Renaissance, and is rather more popular than many of the "Late Renaissance" movies-... Continue Reading →

MCU Disney+ Year In Review – Loki

When Disney+ announced they would have MCU series on their platform, they did so by revealing the first three shows: Wandavision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, and Loki. They released a teaser shortly after that. If you notice, the only thing they had for Loki was a logo and a short clip with him looking into... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Disney Reviews: Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS (1995): Written by: Carl Binder, Susannah Grant & Philip LaZebnik And NOW WE COME... to the END of the Renaissance. The most hilarious thing about this is that Disney thought this was going to be their MAGNUM OPUS. Like, after Beauty and the Beast got some Oscar Cred, they were like "THIS TIME FOR SURE!" and put... Continue Reading →

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