The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

And we are back! Let’s read some allegedly great comics! #20. Planetary #13 I’ve read Planetary but one time, a few years ago, and all at once beginning to end. It works better that way, I think. As I made my way back through issue 13 here, I found myself wanting to revisit the story the series told in its completion. That said, Warren Ellis … Continue reading The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

Episode 57 – Mask Of The Phantasm

Episode 57? Wait, that isn’t right…

In the memory of Kevin Conroy, we are releasing this episode far ahead of schedule. Sean from the Ninja Turtle Nerds returns to the Order to discuss the animated Batman movie, Mask Of The Phantasm!

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Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

My wife and I had an extremely romantic date night at Dave & Buster’s tonight. Weird dinner experience where our waiter actively tried to dissuade us from BOTH meals we ordered. I asked for some Kobe meatball dinner they had, and he went into a story about how his Italian grandmother makes meatballs, and the restaurant’s aren’t as good as hers, and am I SURE … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

I just bought hockey tickets! I haven’t been to a game a long time; several years at this point, actually. I went through a stretch in the mid-2000’s where I made it to at least one Pittsburgh Penguins game per year, but it’s been a solid decade since I have gone. Every time I have been to the PPG Arena since it has opened, it’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

Pop-Tart Quest: Tropical Mango

I’m not sure I’d ever heard of a mango before, like, 15 years ago. Look, when I was growing up, there were eight fruits. Apples, oranges, grapes, lemons, other color apples, other color grapes, watermelons, and strawberries. We didn’t have all these fanciful tropical fruits that you Zoomers grew up with! That was it! We didn’t even know about blueberries; we didn’t know food could … Continue reading Pop-Tart Quest: Tropical Mango

The Chosen: Chapter 4

As the six James Buchanan High School seniors stood just inside the double doors that separated the cafeteria from the school’s entrance hall, Nat found that all she could think about was her younger sister. Suzanne Lyons had gotten up that morning almost an hour before Nat. She used that time to mull over several outfits. Nat remembered thinking she never in her life needed … Continue reading The Chosen: Chapter 4

Stew’s Reviews: CyberForce – Rebirth

I’ve previously made my love of Savage Dragon pretty well known when I reviewed that title, but that was just one of the many books thrust out into the world when Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino, and Whilce Portacio launched Image Comics. I’ll be honest… I really dug the whole idea of Image and what they were doing, … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: CyberForce – Rebirth

Stew’s Reviews: Born Again

A couple of things… As of this writing, Daredevil season 3 has not yet debuted. It’s coming soon, but it has not aired yet. So you get another peek into how far ahead I write these because you are already thinking “Holy cow, that was forever ago!”. Anyway, it’s obviously the impetus for me to get around to reviewing this story, but only indirectly. Nicole … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Born Again

Stew’s Top Ten – Battle Of Legendary Directors!

I’m stealing ideas again! This one in particular comes from my buddies Paul and Wayne over at The Countdown Podcast where they were challenged to count down their top ten movies from four legendary directors: Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron. By all means, give that show of theirs a listen and see how their lists came out! The thing is… this … Continue reading Stew’s Top Ten – Battle Of Legendary Directors!

Episode 44 – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Andrew Morgan from Recent Activity is back to discuss James Gunn’s surprise smash hit for the MCU where he took a D-tier group of characters and made them stars. It would turn out that James is pretty frickin’ good at that.

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