SWO Draft: Best Cover Songs!

For this month's draft, Stew convened with So Wizard, Beer In Front, and the Game Vault to draft the best cover versions of songs! For more from So Wizard, click HERE! To check out the Game Vault, click HERE! And to get into Beer In Front, click HERE! Without further ado, let's get into the... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Favorite Comic Book Heroes

It's weird that it's taken so long to get here. A hundred-plus comic reviews. Dozens upon dozens of articles on the genre. Lists of all sorts. And I've never just sat down and written up a list of my ten favorite comic book characters? That's not entirely true. On the Ghosts of the Stratosphere podcast,... Continue Reading →

Halloween Kills Review

*NOTE: The middle section of this article will contain spoilers, and I'll delineate where they start and end!* Is there any Halloween movie more divisive than the 2018 outing that reset the franchise to another timeline--its FIFTH if you count the Rob Zombie and Halloween 3 portions of the multiverse!--and started a new Michael Myers... Continue Reading →

Entertainment Rex: October 2021

Guys, my house is a wreck. We have started decorating for Halloween and getting everything spookified, but the interior of the house constantly looks like a bomb went off. We are not an organized people. This isn't even related to the decorations; it's just the constant state of our home! We always have these designs... Continue Reading →


To hear me read this story aloud--AND hear two much better stories besides it!--check out Season 3, Episode 9 of The Tiny Bookcase, HERE. Patrick was not sure that he would ever get used to having trading in pads for khakis and a button-down shirt. He wasn't sure standing behind a podium would ever feel... Continue Reading →

Pop-Tart Quest: Watermelon

SINCE THE DAWN OF POP-TART QUEST, ONE TART HAS STRUCK DIRE FEAR INTO OUR BREAKFAST WARRIOR'S HEART. TODAY, HE FACES THAT FEAR. THIS IS... POP-TART QUEST! Okay, yeah. So yeah. Yep. I mean... ultimately, how bad could a Pop-Tart be? They are sugar and sludge and shell. It's not landing the Hindenburg; it's breakfast! Like,... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Songs of the Summer

Well. This has been a disappointing summer. Stupid pandemics! Anyway, earlier this summer, back in June, we covered the best Summer Blockbusters ever released. But summer isn't all about movies! After all, you can't watch a new movie while you are poolside. You can't enjoy the new smash film while you are parasailing. There's no... Continue Reading →

WWE Extreme Rules Review

This is a weird show. Big E just won the WWE Title to much acclaim. He's not on the show. Finn Balor is dusting off The Demon character for the first time in years to be the next challenger to Roman Reigns. And he's already an afterthought as WWE plows ahead towards Reigns/Brock in Saudi... Continue Reading →

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