Stew’s Top Ten – Battle Of Legendary Directors!

I’m stealing ideas again! This one in particular comes from my buddies Paul and Wayne over at The Countdown Podcast where they were challenged to count down their top ten movies from four legendary directors: Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron. By all means, give that show of theirs a listen and see how their lists came out! The thing is… this … Continue reading Stew’s Top Ten – Battle Of Legendary Directors!

Episode 44 – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Andrew Morgan from Recent Activity is back to discuss James Gunn’s surprise smash hit for the MCU where he took a D-tier group of characters and made them stars. It would turn out that James is pretty frickin’ good at that.

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Top Ten: Comic Alien Races

The truth is out there. And in comic books, you don’t even have to look that hard; there are aliens EVERYWHERE. Some are heroes. Some are villains. But there is absolutely no lack of interstellar life in Marvel, DC, or the independent comic book arena. So Fox Mulder would be like a pig in… wait, would he be? Or would the ubiquitous nature of extra … Continue reading Top Ten: Comic Alien Races

Top Ten Horror-Comedies

So to the surprise of no one who is aware that the Stew World Order podcast exists, my absolute favorite genre of movie is “Comic Book”. I have yet to get tired of seeing these amazing properties and ideas that I loved in my most formative years get turned into blockbuster epics with fantastic effects and A-list actors. But a very close second for me … Continue reading Top Ten Horror-Comedies

Ranking The Halloween Movies

The original Halloween movie is very sneakily probably the movie I have seen more than any other. It seems weird, but I watched it a lot as a kid, and even as an adult I watch it with some regularity during the Halloween season. So usually at least once more with each passing year. Every fall, the leaves change, the weather gets colder, and I … Continue reading Ranking The Halloween Movies

Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Christina Strain

Ha, this was probably funnier in my head. “For my 50th article, I’ll review Generation X as a celebration! And then, just two weeks later, I’ll declare that for a weekly article, volume 52 is ALSO a celebration, and then I’ll do Generation X… volume 2! Haha whacky hijnx!” It was an idea that I thought of and got married to when I was too … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Christina Strain

Episode 42 – The Avengers

It’s time to dissect the 2012 film that really solidified the MCU and set it on its path to greatness! Brett from Dissect That Film is here to join Stew and see how The Avengers holds up!

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Top Ten: Superman Stories

I wasted far too many of my years as a comic book fan complaining that Superman was “boring” or “vanilla”. It honestly wouldn’t be until within the last ten years or so that I would start appreciating who Clark Kent is as a character and look to abandon the whole notion that he was boring because he is too powerful. Superman’s powerset isn’t the defining … Continue reading Top Ten: Superman Stories