The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

And we are back! Let’s read some allegedly great comics! #20. Planetary #13 I’ve read Planetary but one time, a few years ago, and all at once beginning to end. It works better that way, I think. As I made my way back through issue 13 here, I found myself wanting to revisit the story the series told in its completion. That said, Warren Ellis … Continue reading The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

Stew’s Reviews: CyberForce – Rebirth

I’ve previously made my love of Savage Dragon pretty well known when I reviewed that title, but that was just one of the many books thrust out into the world when Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino, and Whilce Portacio launched Image Comics. I’ll be honest… I really dug the whole idea of Image and what they were doing, … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: CyberForce – Rebirth

Top Ten: Comic Alien Races

The truth is out there. And in comic books, you don’t even have to look that hard; there are aliens EVERYWHERE. Some are heroes. Some are villains. But there is absolutely no lack of interstellar life in Marvel, DC, or the independent comic book arena. So Fox Mulder would be like a pig in… wait, would he be? Or would the ubiquitous nature of extra … Continue reading Top Ten: Comic Alien Races

Stew’s Reviews: Pocus Hocus

Sometimes I get the privilege of reviewing smaller books that you need to know about, which is one of the cooler parts of what I do. Sure, you want reviews of stories in the history of Superman and Spider-Man and the X-Men, but you already know those characters and what you think of them. So I’m always a bit happy when I get a chance … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Pocus Hocus

Stew’s Reviews: AdventureMan volume 1

It’s hard being in charge of a multimedia empire. I mean… I assume it is. That’s not… I am not saying that I am that. In charge of one. Or having anything to do with one. But I can picture it! I have a podcast that comes out three times per month. I have a website that promises new articles every weekday. I stream some … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: AdventureMan volume 1

Stew’s Reviews: Black Cat

Boy, it’s a manga issue again already? It feels like I just did one of these, like, 9 volumes ago. TITLE: Black Cat Writer and Artist: Kentaro Yabuki Publisher: Shonen Jump Protagonists: Train Heartnet, Sven Vollfied, Eve Antagonists: Creed Diskenth, The Apostles of the Stars There are a lot of Shonen Jump series from over the years, but they are all over the map in … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Black Cat

On Nostalgia And Biases

“Never Trust Anyone Whose Favorite Movie Came Out After They Turned 21”. I saw someone post this once on Twitter, and I was aghast. (I wasn’t. I just like the word “aghast” and need to work it into more things. “Rob, what did you think of your niece’s 2nd birthday party?” “I was aghast!” See? Always fun) Anyway, I started thinking, “Well how true can … Continue reading On Nostalgia And Biases

The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #35-26

Yes, it’s been a while! I know, I know! I’ve been busy. Let’s get right into it. Not fair to make you wait any longer. For more on this list recounting up to this point, click HERE! Just follow the links backwards. #35) Omega Men #26 My very limited experience with anything having to do with The Omega Men is entirely the Tom King mini-series … Continue reading The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #35-26

Top Ten: Favorite Anime/Manga Series

Last month, I did a list of my ten favorite indie comic books of all time, and I really wrestled with something as I made the list… “Should I include manga series in this?” Ultimately, I decided against it. For me–and this is weird–for me, manga and comics are different. It’s hard to say exactly why. As immature or whatever as it may be, COMIC … Continue reading Top Ten: Favorite Anime/Manga Series

Top Ten: Favorite Non-Big 2 Comics

Image Comics came about within my first three to four years of reading comic books. As somebody who had really only known Marvel and DC (and let’s be honest… only Marvel), it kind of blew my mind. There would be comics not directly tied into the worlds of Spider-Man or Batman? Comics that could tell stories that Superman or X-Men comics wouldn’t… or couldn’t? That … Continue reading Top Ten: Favorite Non-Big 2 Comics

Stew’s Reviews: Death Note

Netflix released a live action version of Death Note not too long ago. It was… not ideal. It was one of those “Any resemblance to the actual source material is purely coincidental” situations, and while I know they had to change a fair amount to turn a manga of several volumes into a two-hour-or-so movie… man. They changed characters’ entire beings. It’s just real bad. If you … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Death Note

The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #36-40

Hey, I’m back on the Wizard Top 100 Single Issue Stories bike! Sorry for the delay, everyone. I’m going to get right into it, so here we go. The only further ado is this: If you want to go back and see the prior parts of this list, click HERE! #40. X-Factor #87 By Peter David and Joe Quesada Another of the few comics from … Continue reading The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #36-40

Jab’s Image Deep Dive: CyberForce continued!

Of all of Cyberforce, Heatwave was easily the most generic and plain. Hell, he’s virtually indistinguishable from Spartan over on WildC.A.T.s – he’s a Stoic Leader Guy made of technology with a Hair-Showing Mask and Blasts! With a jacket over metal, that damn mask, and his blasty ways, he was as “Captain ’90s” as possible, if not for the fact that three or four members of his … Continue reading Jab’s Image Deep Dive: CyberForce continued!

Stew’s Reviews: Winter World

I am currently surrounded by a bunch of Pop Vinyl characters all just sitting on my floor in disarray while I try to figure out where to put them. I don’t really have any satisfactory kind of display place for them, so they are just kind of scattered around. They deserve better than that, but it’s what I do with my collector mentality. I went … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Winter World

Jab’s Image Deep Dive: Marc Silvestri & CyberForce part 1

IMAGE CREATORS- MARC SILVESTRI:Marc Silvestri is probably #5 of the Image founders in terms of fame, which is a bit sad since he came first, and more or less popularized the style that would come to be known as the “Image Style”- taking Arthur Adams’s cross-hatched, detailed style and making characters into this slender, menacing, sexy figures with assloads of detail, fine lines, and metallic bands all … Continue reading Jab’s Image Deep Dive: Marc Silvestri & CyberForce part 1