The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

And we are back! Let’s read some allegedly great comics! #20. Planetary #13 I’ve read Planetary but one time, a few years ago, and all at once beginning to end. It works better that way, I think. As I made my way back through issue 13 here, I found myself wanting to revisit the story the series told in its completion. That said, Warren Ellis … Continue reading The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #20-16

Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

My wife and I had an extremely romantic date night at Dave & Buster’s tonight. Weird dinner experience where our waiter actively tried to dissuade us from BOTH meals we ordered. I asked for some Kobe meatball dinner they had, and he went into a story about how his Italian grandmother makes meatballs, and the restaurant’s aren’t as good as hers, and am I SURE … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

I just bought hockey tickets! I haven’t been to a game a long time; several years at this point, actually. I went through a stretch in the mid-2000’s where I made it to at least one Pittsburgh Penguins game per year, but it’s been a solid decade since I have gone. Every time I have been to the PPG Arena since it has opened, it’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

Stew’s Reviews: CyberForce – Rebirth

I’ve previously made my love of Savage Dragon pretty well known when I reviewed that title, but that was just one of the many books thrust out into the world when Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino, and Whilce Portacio launched Image Comics. I’ll be honest… I really dug the whole idea of Image and what they were doing, … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: CyberForce – Rebirth

Stew’s Reviews: Born Again

A couple of things… As of this writing, Daredevil season 3 has not yet debuted. It’s coming soon, but it has not aired yet. So you get another peek into how far ahead I write these because you are already thinking “Holy cow, that was forever ago!”. Anyway, it’s obviously the impetus for me to get around to reviewing this story, but only indirectly. Nicole … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Born Again

Top Ten: Comic Alien Races

The truth is out there. And in comic books, you don’t even have to look that hard; there are aliens EVERYWHERE. Some are heroes. Some are villains. But there is absolutely no lack of interstellar life in Marvel, DC, or the independent comic book arena. So Fox Mulder would be like a pig in… wait, would he be? Or would the ubiquitous nature of extra … Continue reading Top Ten: Comic Alien Races

Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Christina Strain

Ha, this was probably funnier in my head. “For my 50th article, I’ll review Generation X as a celebration! And then, just two weeks later, I’ll declare that for a weekly article, volume 52 is ALSO a celebration, and then I’ll do Generation X… volume 2! Haha whacky hijnx!” It was an idea that I thought of and got married to when I was too … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Christina Strain

Top Ten: Superman Stories

I wasted far too many of my years as a comic book fan complaining that Superman was “boring” or “vanilla”. It honestly wouldn’t be until within the last ten years or so that I would start appreciating who Clark Kent is as a character and look to abandon the whole notion that he was boring because he is too powerful. Superman’s powerset isn’t the defining … Continue reading Top Ten: Superman Stories

Stew’s Reviews: Curse Of The Mutants

Comic book sales! Wait, is something a “sale” if it happens every day? Or is that just a discount? How does that… what is the difference? Whatever, I’m going to call it a sale. My favorite local shop runs a perpetual sale where if you buy at least 50 back issue comics, you get 50% the total price. I’ve always been enticed by the idea, … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Curse Of The Mutants

Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Scott Lobdell

Fifty! See, this is why I number these things; so I can feel irrationally proud of myself for hitting arbitrary milestones. But yep, I have been at this for 50 volumes so far. Hopefully you have enjoyed most of them as much as I have enjoyed reading them. I do get a kick out of this series; I have reread some books I love, and … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Generation X by Scott Lobdell

Stew’s Reviews: Pocus Hocus

Sometimes I get the privilege of reviewing smaller books that you need to know about, which is one of the cooler parts of what I do. Sure, you want reviews of stories in the history of Superman and Spider-Man and the X-Men, but you already know those characters and what you think of them. So I’m always a bit happy when I get a chance … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Pocus Hocus

The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #25-21

And we are once again back as we look back at Wizard Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Single Issue Comics Of A Seemingly Arbitrary Time Period. If you want to check up with comics #100-26 that got us to this point, click HERE. With that, I’m VERY excited to get into this part of the list because, well, I already sneaked a peak at … Continue reading The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #25-21

Stew’s Reviews: AdventureMan volume 1

It’s hard being in charge of a multimedia empire. I mean… I assume it is. That’s not… I am not saying that I am that. In charge of one. Or having anything to do with one. But I can picture it! I have a podcast that comes out three times per month. I have a website that promises new articles every weekday. I stream some … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: AdventureMan volume 1

Stew’s Reviews: Black Cat

Boy, it’s a manga issue again already? It feels like I just did one of these, like, 9 volumes ago. TITLE: Black Cat Writer and Artist: Kentaro Yabuki Publisher: Shonen Jump Protagonists: Train Heartnet, Sven Vollfied, Eve Antagonists: Creed Diskenth, The Apostles of the Stars There are a lot of Shonen Jump series from over the years, but they are all over the map in … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Black Cat