Coming Soon: The NEW SWO Productions!

Hello, world! On October 9th, 2020, SWO Productions debuted to bring you entertainment reviews and news takes from the world of Pop Culture. Since then, I've been working moderately hard--hard-ish--to provide new content each and every day. And I greatly appreciate every single one of you who have taken the time to read and enjoy... Continue Reading →

Pop-Tarts: Pretzel Tarts Part 2, #BLM

IN A WORLD WHERE SOMETIMES THINGS REALLY, REALLY SUCK, THIS IS... POP-TART QUEST! There's a reason I am not a professional writer. I mean, I may have a degree in writing. I may have this fancy website and a contribution gig over at 411Mania, but I have never considered myself a "writer". I'm not making a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: One Cut of the Dead

I am really struggling to get through my list of missed movies from the 2010's. I shouldn't be; the wife and I watch at least a little television together most nights. But the rub is that we have only recently started watching Community for the first time, and Amanda LOVES that. All of our free time now is... Continue Reading →

Jab Reviews: Sailor Moon R (52-59)

Sailor Moon R continues with the second half of "Part One", continuing the "Filler Arc" High School students An & Ail are actually SPACE ALIENS, and they're out to gather human energy for the "Makai Tree" that is their home. However, despite being lovers, they are drawn to humans Usagi & Mamoru, who are also... Continue Reading →

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