Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon SuperS (156-158)

Dead moon Circus - Queen Nehelenia - YouTube
 The evil Queen Nehalennia. Or however you spell it.

Hey all! Welcome back! Time to get even more into the series, with a pretty famous episode (one based off of the manga, too).

So this far in, we have the Amazoness Quartet as largely-interchangeable villainesses, hunting down Dream Mirrors hoping to find the one hiding Pegasus (which, remember, we know is Chibi-Usa). Zirconia leads them, but is herself led by the impatient Queen Nehalennia. And we’re about to finally learn who and what Pegasus is, and why he’s so important!

User blog:Doalfe/CereCere (Sailor Moon) | The Female Villains Wiki ...
 CereCere- whose episodes are typically based around how conceited/wealthy she acts.

Episode #156:

The target’s now a street artist who does paintings of people, though often finds himself going unpaid because he’s a bit TOO accurate with his likenesses, and people get offended. He offers to paint Usagi for free, since she defended him to a cruel client who hated her portrait, but he passed out in mid-drawing due to hunger! The sympathetic bun-heads bring him to their house and cook (well, burn) him a meal, to which he’s eternally grateful, but then he’s taken by CereCere’s sob story about wanting her portrait done. The best part is the Sailors deciding to get THEIR portraits done, and Rei of course being furious that he’s not there, and ultra-conceited about how drawing a beautiful woman like her would be a gift. Oh, Rei.

The artist is lured away by CereCere, who of COURSE dislikes her portrait- he insists “I won’t paint lies!”, but she breaks him with her argument that all artists need wealthy patrons and should do as they’re told (methinks the artists on-staff were particularly handy in giving story concepts here)- he paints the extra-pretty picture she wants, but feels sick about it, and is immediately attacked. But both she and the Lemures find his Dream Mirror ugly (it’s the only grey one we see in the series), and fight over the Lemures eating it… so the Sailors just summon Pegasus and nuke the monster of the week right away. See- they fill so much space with the story sometimes that there’s no reason for the monster to be a thing. Rei finally gets her portrait done… and of course starts whining and wanting him to “do it right!”- hah!

Not a bad episode, more about artistic integrity than the usual goofiness, and so jampacked that the Monster Fight portion was ignored entirely, but I’m still not feeling the Amazoness Quartet.

Episode #157:

YAY MORE CHIBI-USA AND HER FRIENDS! Totally what this dreary season needs.

Our dreamer is now a weird child inventor who wants to build his own flying bicycle. Kyusuke at first makes fun of him, but as the kid struggles and the Moonie Gang gets involved, he offers to help. The kid at first wants to go it alone out of pride and self-reliance (“it’s MY dream! Leave me alone!”), Kyusuke chides him by pointing out the Wright Brothers worked together on their airplanes and couldn’t do it by themselves, and this gets the kid to accept help. Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa is concerned with the notion of friendship and telling each other everything, as Pegasus hasn’t explained much of his nature to her yet. And when she rebuffs his “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you” stuff, he disappears on her. Unable to comprehend why, especially as Usagi & Mamoru share everything, she slowly realizes things when she goes off on Usagi, all “I don’t have to tell you everythi– oh.”.

PaoPao Girl | Sailor Moon Wiki | Fandom

Before the kid can even take flight, VesVes attacks with a Lemures with an elephant for a chest, which is one of those things you only find yourself typing with shows like this. Sailors Mars & Mercury actually combine their Final Attacks into an arrow swirling with blue energy, but they can’t capitalize because Chibi-Moon doesn’t feel she deserves to summon Pegasus! Sailor Moon saves her from the monster and tells her to have more faith in herself, echoing Pegasus’s plea to “have faith in me”, and sure enough, he’s re-summoned. Kyusuke and the kid who’s name I never bothered to learn (I mean, come on, it’s like three minutes on this kid and then it’s a “Chibi-Usa Episode”) finally catch the air, and everyone is amazed and revels in the moment, ignorant of any child endangerment laws.

Not the worst episode- the dreamer’s plight is only barely linked to the core plot, which is Chibi-Usa being upset over Pegasus still having secrets, when she has kept nothing from him. Ultimately, she has to have faith in him.

Adult Chibiusa – NetSenshi Productions
 Pretty much how this one advertises itself.

Episode #158:

Haha, Chibi-Usa has a DOLL of Mamoru- that’s adorbz. Anyways, here she’s full of ennui over her age, watching a world of older people (like Usagi & Mamoru) kissing each other. Meanwhile, PallaPalla does a puppet show for a bunch of kids, and it’s a fantasy tale featuring the deaths of all the cast members- “And so everyone died happily ever after!”, and knocks out all their Dream Mirrors at once when they heckle how her story lacked foreshadowing and had an ending that came out of nowhere (okay, that’s pretty great for a plot twist).

That lures in the Sailors Moon, which get into an argument about selfish dreams so badly that PallaPalla punishes them with “Opposite Orb”, thus SWITCHING THEIR AGES. Sailor Moon is enraged, while Chibi-Usa just stares at her new gigantic boobs and shapely butt (… oh Japan- never stop being weird). How is this episode not more of a meme with the fandom? Because it came out so late?

I would love a spin off series with adult Chibiusa! : sailormoon
Because Japan, an inordinate amount of gags in this episode are “Hey, look how CRAZY-HOT this 6-year old now looks!”

In any case, they’re shocked when the “Twinkle Yell” can NO LONGER SUMMON PEGASUS, but the other Sailors arrive to chase away Palla-Palla. Everyone plotzes when they realize what happened, and Mamoru’s face when he sees Busty Daughter and Toddler Girlfriend is pretty hilarious, but things turn serious again when Chibi-Usa finds that she can’t even TALK to Pegasus, and begins crying. After some more “Hey look at her giant boobs!” gags, she enters an unsettling dreamworld where she sees horses crumble to dust, and Pegasus admits that he can’t see her because he’s a weird pedocorn who’s only attracted to little gir– I mean, he “the light of your dreams was no longer reaching me”.

Pin by Morgan Sawaya on Rini & Helios | Sailor moon crafts, Sailor ...
The true form of Pegasus. Thus meaning this story ISN’T about bestiality.

He tells her that he’s from a world called Elysion, in the Dream World, and offers to take her there. She happily agrees and gets flown in… but is horrified to see a bleak wasteland- Elysion has been devastated by the arrival of beings from the “Dead Moon” (I think that’s the first time they used the name on-screen). Elysion was given power by the beautiful dreams from Earth, but the Dead Moon destroyed it in their searching for the Golden Crystal. Pegasus, a boy with a horn on his forehead, was captured by Queen Nehalennia, but the “last light for me to cling to”, the beautiful dream of Chibi-Usa, allowed him to transform himself into a winged pegasus, and he broke free, escaping into her dream.

When he implores her to find her light again, as the Dead Moon has “cast a shadow” over her true dream by granting her simple wish to be an adult, and so she leaps forward while the show’s ending theme plays, transforming back into a child, and getting a kiss from the boy-form of Pegasus. The boy calls himself “Helios”, and says his mission is to oversee Earth and guard its dreams.

Finally reverted to their true forms, both Sailors arrive with their buddies to stop another PallaPalla attack. And of course, because all six of them are present, they’re hard to beat- the Lemures’s multi-candy blast multiplies against all their blasts, but Mercury’s Aqua Rhapsody this time freezes them (last time IT was a blast, too! What IS that power?! Make up your minds!).

Some phenomenal music in this one- both the “Dream World” music and the “Elysion in devastation” music were terrific, and the animation was similarly great. Getting some backstory, as much as it was predictable, was nice, as was the notion of Pegasus actually looking like a boy around Chibi-Usa’s age so that it’s not so… weird.

(First Appearance: Helios)

And we’re all done! A big episode this time around, as they at least pace out the important bits so the filler isn’t as extreme anymore.

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