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No new “article” today, as it were! Just a reminder that SWO Productions continues to grow and grow, and I’m not the most marketing-savvy person in the world, so it’s entirely possible you my not even know everything we have gotten ourselves up to these days!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to create a little one-stop shop with direct connections to some of our most relevant sites and information. Basically, if you want to know where we are, this will be the place to find it!

Obviously, many of the following sites will have options for you to Follow us, and we would just be ever so tickled if you could do that. Some of them even have the option for you to give us a rating, and we would be beyond gracious if you could find it in your heart to leave us one! Your support helps us grow and expand our influence!

All right, let’s get into it!

That’s right, we are starting off right here at home! You are basically already here, but if you found this post from an outside source, now you know that we have our own site with new articles every weekday! It started in October 2020 and has been going strong ever since.

Click the image above or HERE to head to our front page and get reading!

The Stew World Order Podcast

The crown jewel of SWO Productions is the Stew World Order podcast. Starting in April 2021 as a twice-a-month program, it has since grown to three times a month (due to popular demand) with Stew On The Two’s! New episodes release the 2nd, 12th, and 22nd of every month.

At the Stew World Order, we review random comic book movies chosen by our guests, who are typically indie creators in their own rights, be it through podcasting, comics, writing, and other ventures.

We try to be on every podcast service out there, so I’ll just link a few here. If you find any such services we are NOT on, please let us know and we will work to fix that!

To find us on APPLE PODCASTS, click HERE.

To find us on SPOTIFY, click HERE.

To find us on GOOGLE PODCASTS, click HERE.

To find us on GAANA, click HERE.

To find us on PODBAY.FM, click HERE.

We also highly support GOODPODS, which you can download by clicking HERE, and then search for us on the app!

Social Media

I’m more prevalent on some of these than others, but if you want to connect with Stew on social media, check out the following sites!

Most of our social presence is on Twitter where Stew is very active! Wildly active. Probably TOO active. But you can find our Twitter by clicking the image about or HERE.

People say some of Stew’s movie takes are controversial, but man… he likes what he likes! To see his movie scores and reviews, click the image or HERE.

Sometimes we post pictures of things! Like things Stew bought recently. Or his cats. Or what movies he’s reviewed. For Instagram, click the image or HERE.

When it comes to good ol’ Facebook, you’ve got two options, actually!

For the Facebook Discussion Group, click HERE.

For the Facebook Page, click HERE.

(We use the Discussion Group much more regularly of the two)


Look, we’ll be honest straight away: video work is… not Stew’s forte. But he is working on it, and he endeavors to get better at it! For now, you can track that development at…

So far, this is mostly videos of Stew’s gaming streams. To visit our Youtube, click the image or HERE.

Where does Stew stream, though? Why, on Twitch! Follow him by clicking the image or HERE.

Stew also has a PATREON that you can join to support us, and you can sign up HERE and get exclusive video content!


Jabroniville has an amazingly–borderline unbelievably–extensive list of RPG builds and comments for pop culture characters over at Echoes Of The Multiverse. It’s funny and insanely detailed, but don’t worry: there is a table of contents kicking it off. Click HERE to check it out and see what he has had to say about some of your favorite characters, both popular and obscure!

AP’s works of fiction in his massive shared universe through his AP Productions label are grouped together and can be found HERE.

For Stew, the journey to SWO Productions started back in the mid 2010’s when he started on as a contributor at! He still contributes there frequently, and he replies to almost every comment he gets. To check out his work (and the work of so many other wonderful, talented writers), click HERE.

And finally (for now!), if you want to check out SWO Productions merchandise, we have a storefront up at TeePublic, where you can get shirts, hoodies, stickers, notebooks, pillows (PILLOWS! How have I not bought those yet?!), and SO MUCH MORE. To look at our designs, click HERE.


There you have it, proof of the SWO Productions Multimedia Empire (tongue-in-cheek). Thanks for taking the time to check all of this out! Hopefully you found at least one new way to enjoy all of our content.

Until next time… take care!

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