SWO Draft: Best Movie Soundtracks!

This month’s draft was… NOT my forte. But I gave it the old college try anyway!

When I got together with this month’s guests–Pint O Comics, So Wizard, and Flicks X-Rayed–to discuss our next draft, we ultimately settled on Best Movie Soundtracks.

Music remains not really my best genre. But I do like movies, and I know which ones kind of make me bop along, so sure… I figured I could give this a try.

What ultimately happened was that the oppositional teams kept drafting movies I had never heard of, and it made me second guess all of my life choices that have brought me to this point.

This month could be a bloodbath…

With the first pick in the draft the So Wizard Podcast selects “Judgement Night” soundtrack. This amazing album featured collaborations between popular rap and rock artists of the day including the absolute banger Dinosaur JR/Del The Funky Homosapien.

I have… never heard of that!

Okay, I am anticipating losing this draft HARD, so let’s go with the only soundtrack I have ever bought: SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. A lot of fun original songs from the movie, combined with some good indie songs… and a random Rolling Stones song because why not?

With the first complaint in the draft Pint tells Joey to fuck off for taking my first choice. Goddamn!!!

Space Jam has some of my favorite jams with songs by Seal, Coolio, R, Kelly and Jay-Z and wait what is this a song by Chris Rock and Barry White say what.

I choose Once. Great indie film with a soundtrack performed by the lead actors, who are actually musicians.

I’m going to choose Purple Rain. It’s basically a great Prince album.

Guardians of the Galaxy.

You son of a bitch!

Okay I am in a panic because that was my LOCKED IN next pick and you vultured it. I am going to go with WAYNE’S WORLD. Bohemian Rhapsody, Feed My Frankenstein, Dream Weaver, and Tia Carrere’s lick ass Ballroom Blitz cover? I will take it.

Lick ass?

Yes I stand by that!

That’s what the cool kids say now.

Ok with my second pick I am taking the absolute classic from 1992, singles. Would? By Alice In Chains, nuff said.

The movie is called Singles? Huh.

My next pick is The Crow soundtrack but I’m recording and can’t write anything witty right now.

Fair enough! I am going to the very best era for music ever: the 80’s! And not only am I going to cut loose… I am going to cut FOOTLOOSE. It has Holding Out For A Hero, in addition to the excellent title track.

I am going to go with CLUELESS next as it is a soundtrack that includes Radiohead, Counting Crows and Beastie Boys.

I do love Clueless as a movie.

and it’s soundtrack is awesome.

I will have to check it out!

Ok. I’ll go with Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, great 80s pop album. And Pitch Perfect soundtrack because I bought it for my wife years ago and listened to it 6600 times.

Can’t get enough of that Cups song, right?

That Cups song is the only one I skip everytime I listen.

This… pick was a challenge for me to narrow down but I am going to go with The Matrix with awesome songs from Rammstein, Ministry, RATM, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson it is a heavy album and makes you feel epic when you work out.

For my fourth pick I had a few options, but I am ultimately going to go with SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDERVERSE. The movie made me actually like Post Malone because of the brilliant and soulful Sunflower, and there are a bunch of other bangers on it, too (What’s Up Danger; Elevate).

With pick number 4 I pick an absolute classic that I cannot believe was picked yet. Transformers: The Movie! It’s not just You Got the Touch but also bops like Dare to be Stupid, Nothings Gonna stand in our way and Dare! Plus a hair metal version of the cartoon theme!

Snippets of dialogue long before you could just watch em on You Tube, and a great mix of music from a classic film…. my final pick…. Pulp Fiction.

For some reason I thought that was taken. But apparently not!

All right, my last pick is the teen comedy Can’t Hardly Wait. Parliament, Blink 182, Guns N Roses and more!

My last pick is going to be High Fidelity with songs from The Velvet Underground, The Kinks and Bob Dylan it is pretty awesome. Plus it has a Jack Black cover of Let’s Get It On with is perfect for … well it is in the name of the song.

Ok. I’ll choose The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Full of classic hits and great obscure songs.

That was the draft! Have a hard time following along? No worries! We have summaries right here:





All that is left for you to do is head over to the SWO Productions’ Twitter and vote on whose list is best!

Also, let us know what you might want us to draft next time. Music, movies, TV, comics… anything from pop culture.

Until next time… take care!

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