Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Mondo Gecko & Wingnut)

oh, INTERNET… — A loner. A lizard. A skatemaster. Mutated from a head-banging, thrash-metal, teenage guitarist, Mondo Gecko is the coolest lizard to surf the concrete jungle. Known to his cold-blooded boardin’ brethren as “The Mon,” Mondo Gecko likes to skate the sewers and grease the grind. This maximum maniac grooves on shining the curbside and puts fun and freedom ahead of everything else. He’s … Continue reading Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Mondo Gecko & Wingnut)

Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Leatherhead & Ace Duck)

LEATHERHEAD:-Another of the oldest “Always Appearing” characters in the franchise is of course Leatherhead. One of comparatively few mutant animals in the Mirage Comics, he was actually a good guy. The Leatherhead character was actually created by Ryan Brown in 1988 for a TMNT comic- Eastman & Laird had already signed off on the TV show & toyline, and were letting others write the main continuity, too. … Continue reading Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Leatherhead & Ace Duck)

Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Man-Ray & Merdude)

This week, we take a look at the TMNT’s aquatic buddies! All… four of them. It’s weird! Read on! You smell something fishy? That’s because you just picked up Ray Fillet, the coolest sea creature to ever leap from the deep. Spawned from a marine biologist and a manta ray, Ray Fillet emerged from a toxic sewer pipe only to discover himself super-strong and super-slimy. … Continue reading Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Man-Ray & Merdude)

Jab Looks At: Dino Riders!

When I was a young Jab, there was only ONE cartoon and toyline that I could have called my favourite, and that one is Dino-Riders. Dino-Riders is another Merch-Based 1980s cartoon, this one from TYCO Toys. What sets it apart from the pack is that if features ALIENS FIGHTING IN LASER WARS WHILE RIDING GIANT ARMOURED DINOSAURS. It’s like the grab-bag of every single sweet thing in … Continue reading Jab Looks At: Dino Riders!