Jab’s Reviews: TMNT (Tempestra, Shogun Shoate & Lord Dregg)

That’s right- it’s time for the “filler” 1980s toon characters, plus LORD DREGG- the final villain in the season nobody watched!


-A peculiar character, Tempestra is actually an in-universe Video Game Boss brought to life. In her debut, LEONARDO of all people gets caught up in desperately trying to beat a video game at the local arcade (any other adaptation would use any one of his three brothers for this), and during a lightning storm, of course Tempestra bursts free from the machine. She’s actually very powerful, but slowly loses power until Leo outsmarts her into overdoing it (she summons a band of elementals that the Turtles all one-shot to death), then throws a circuit board at her energy blast- this traps her back in the machinery. She later reappears in Night of the Rogues, but doesn’t do much in it.

-Tempestra is powerful, and has a huge advantage by being able to fly (none of the Turtles can actually hit her). Her powers are varied, but her Summons are pretty weak (Raph beats the Electrical Monster by throwing a garbage can at him; Donatello just smashes up the Ice Monster with his bo).

Take the toughest snake skin, wrap it in interlaced leather, bundle it together with lizard flesh and you’ve got an idea of how thick-skinned Shogun Shoate really is. But only an idea. That’s right kids, there’s more goin’ on with this metallic Mutant mad Shogun mauler than meets his large lidded eyes! He’s perfectly protected with his reptilian metallized battle armor. As the moon rises over the dark sewers, there comes a time to take command of the night. And when it comes time to Turtle terrorize, Shogun Shoate is Shredder’s favorite battlin’ beast to call on (next to Shogun Triceraton, who’s also on the most favored list). This upright reptile is the king of the kick, the prince of pound, the ruler of roughhousin’, the – – well, you get the idea. Muscled, Mutated and mad-tempered, Shogun Shoate is a nasty Ninja nightmare, who’s packed with power – – and mighty mega Shogun weapons! When this huge hunter preys on Shogun Turtles, he packs his long lizard blade for dynamic dude duelin’! And if his Dragon-headed double dose axe doesn’t do damage on the first swing, there’s a chance for a double whammy on the rebound! Shogun Shoate’s slithery sharp snake slicer comes in handy for the final fillet assault. Look out, Turtles – Shogun Shoate’s one cold-blooded bad boy who doesn’t mind mincin’ fellow reptiles!


-The Shogun series was a short line near the end of the toyline, featuring mostly redone versions of old characters, now with shiny chrome armor. Some are now SUPER-rare- the only original character in the line was Shogun Shoate. And I have no idea what his name represents- “Shoate” is apparently not an animal or anything (the character resembles a T-Rex somewhat). Unless he’s related to some football player I’ve never heard of before. He appears to be based off of a samurai named “Chote” who appears in the Mirage Comics in 1992- resembling a theropod dinosaur there, too. He briefly fights the Turtles and is defeated- he becomes a ronin afterwards, and is sent to a distant star, where he never returns.


Fanart by Decepticoin.


Lord Dregg- The New Big Bad:
-Lord Dregg is part of the infamous two final seasons of the original TMNT cartoon- the “Red Sky Seasons”, where the show had a darker theme, red skies (which was the style at the times), and a new cast of bad guys. Shredder & Krang were trapped in Dimension X, and were replaced by this new guy. Dregg is… the most generic villain imaginable. “Lord” in his name, an ugly face, a cape, and with intentions to conquer the universe- he’s your archetypical “Dark Lord” loser that’s generally advised against in Fantasy novels, as they’re a dime-a-dozen and tend to be very forgettable as a result. Even more tragically for this series, he’s never comedic and doesn’t joke around. At least they got Tony Jay for the role, so I can imagine that was pretty cool.

-Dregg appeared with his army, the TechnoGang (a group of bug-like soldiers), and his #2 HiTech. He is stopped attempting to rob the Federal Reserve Bank to supply world conquest, and carries a grudge- he begins a propaganda campaign to discredit the Turtles and prop himself up as mankind’s savior (getting set up in Dregg Tower after “proving himself” by purifying polluted water), and April ultimately has to break the truth. He brought Shredder & Krang back once, but re-exiled them (from which they NEVER RETURNED) when they revealed they intended to turn on him. He throws HiTech out of airlock for failing him and uses a new #2 named Mung. In the final battle, the Turtles use Krang’s abandoned Android Body and a special technique taught them by Splinter earlier in the episode to defeat Dregg, and his own android body self-destructs, taking him with it. In the Series Finale, Splinter declares the Turtles are now his equals, and as masters, no longer need a guide.

NickToons Dregg:
-Shockingly, even LORD DREGG shows up in the 2012 Nick Toon- here, he is Vringath Dregg, the “Lord of All Insect Life In the Universe”. The Turtles literally bump into him while in an alien marketplace, and he swears vengeance after they argue and make it worse. For several episodes, he pursues them, hiring the bounty hunter Armaggon to kill them. He nearly succeeds in killing Raphael’s beloved Mona Lisa, causing the enraged Raph to decapitate Dregg, revealing a robotic head underneath the original. Raph defeats Dregg once more, and Dregg continues the chase, but is betrayed by an ally named Mozar and sent out of airlock, nearly killing him. He is finally killed during a big battle where the Salamandrian commander sets off a chain reaction in Dregg’s ship, and it explodes, vaporizing Dregg once and for all.

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