Bret Hart Categories Modern: Adam Cole, Hangman Page, more

We are back to rate more wrestlers against Bret Hart’s wildly subjective three-pronged system. And Wyntyr’s with us this week again, too!

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LOOK: 3.5/10 – He is a really small dude , but doesn’t seem like it until you see him next to other wrestlers. If you just see Cole out of context, he actually looks taller than he is. Maybe it’s the hair. He has a pretty striking face, though, and great facial reactions. He is just… itty bitty.

CHARISMA: 8.5/10 – Owner of one of the most over catchphrases in wrestling HISTORY, so that’s saying something. Cole is a beacon of personality, man. He can play a shit-eating heel so damn well, and you really believe everything he says. And in real life–or, at least, as he portrays himself on UpUpDownDown–he is such a charming and funny guy. Like, I’d love to just HANG OUT with Chugs, ya know? But then he perfectly plays a dude you want to punch in the face in the ring.

RINGWORK: 8/10 – Cole’s matches can be a bit formulaic and thigh-slappy (which never ever bothers me nearly as much as some people), but they are always entertaining. He is crazy athletic and can do everything. I wish there was sometimes a bit more psychology and less “this spot, then this spot, then this spot”, but honestly? It’s not like I ever watch an Adam Cole match and regret that I did.

THOUGHTS: 20/30 – Adam Cole is, what, five inches away from being a surefire WWE main eventer? He’s got the tools, he just forgot to grow enough to fit his chosen profession. It’s probably a REALLY GOOD THING that he and the Undisputed Era never moved onto the main roster because you know they’d be lost in the midcard there. In NXT he can feel a bit like a big fish, but it’s the perfect pond for him.


LOOK: 6. Kinda tiny, but he’s really good looking (and I’m in love with his wife)

CHARISMA: 7. Good catch phrases; perfect smarmy/cowardly heel

RINGWORK: 7. Really good, talented hand. Nothing too flashy, but he’s definitely gifted and makes everything look good

THOUGHTS: 20 doesn’t seem too bad for him. Maybe a little low?

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LOOK: 4/10 – Page is ANOTHER dude who, in a vacuum, doesn’t look as minute as he is. But he’s a little fella. Good looking, sure. But tiny.

CHARISMA: 6 – He’s good, but I think a lot of people dig him more than I do. When he was in NJPW, he was Just A Guy in the Bullet Club. I never took much notice of him. But since moving to AEW, he’s gotten higher placement on the card and been allowed to show more. He has nice little physical nuances that really add flair to what he does, but his promos are just “good”.

RINGWORK: 7.5 – I can’t say there are many Hangman matches that really stick with me, but I also don’t watch AEW super regularly. He’s good, and he had a nice series with PAC (I saw one of their matches live at Full Gear 2019), but I need to see more to be WOW’ed.

THOUGHTS: 17.5 – Probably low for Adam by most people’s standards. Honestly, if I start watching more of him, I’m sure I’d be higher up. To me, he’s kind of the middle of the AEW pack.


LOOK: 7. Good looking, lil thicc, farmboy aesthetic

CHARISMA: 7. Naturally funny, lovable good ol’ boy

RINGWORK: 7.5. Super talented guy, and he’s able to adapt to most opponents which is super important

THOUGHTS: 21.5 seems right. He’ll almost definitely be the guy to take the belt off Omega, so we’ll see how well he capitalizes on that

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LOOK: 7 – Nattie is physically imposing and looks powerful. She looks like she would kick my ass in about 28 seconds, and while that’s no great prize, she is intimidating. Pink and black is also a really catching color combination. She also went through a phase, I think it was when she was with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, where her ring gear was chef’s kissiest of chef’s kisses.

CHARISMA: 4.5 – Nattie as a babyface works for me because she seems fun and genuine. Nattie as a heel always just comes across as generically angry and scowling.

RINGWORK: 7 – Natalya is really good in the ring, if not great. She occasionally looks like she lacks a bit of fluidity, but she also gets the inner-workings of a match and can tell a story in there better than a lot of people.

THOUGHTS: 18.5 – Nat’s career has seen her go from being the absolute stand-out of a weak women’s division to an elder stateswoman and good hand in a fantastic one. It’s great that she has still been in her prime for the current state of affairs and gotten to have so many good encounters.


LOOK: 6. Personally I love Nattie’s look. She looks powerful without being slow.

CHARISMA: 4. So… I watched Total Divas and absolutely loved it, but I’ll try not to base this ranking entirely on that. Nattie always seemed to me like a charisma vacuum, both in WWE and real life.

RINGWORK: 7. Possibly lower because I’ve never really seen her be able to carry opponents, but she’s a good hand and can get in there and go with anybody

THOUGHTS: 17. Oh, Nattie. 17 honestly seems low, but Nattie definitely suffers from the Hart Family Dynastic curse of being a massive mark for herself.

Pretty close scoring today, except on Hangman. I am sure I underrated him a bit, but I think Wyntyr went over the top at 21.5, so I’m sure we even out to a fair score for him.

As always, give us your scores and these talents and let us know who you want to see us rate next!

Until next time… take care!

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