Episode 38 – Batman & Robin

Stew is joined by Sean (from Review It Yourself) and Bill (from Bill Reads Bad Reviews) to cover the infamous George Clooney outing that killed the 90’s Batman franchise so bad that DC had to get CHRISTOPHER NOLAN to save it a few years later! And, wait, Sean gives this movie WHAT out of ten?!

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Episode 36: Spider-Man (2002)

Is it time for the biggest discrepancy in show history between Stew’s score and that of his guest? It just might be as Stew and Sam from Movie Reviews In 20Q’s go back to Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s first wall-crawling effort!

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Episode 35: Man Of Steel

It’s the start of the Snyderverse! For better or worse, this is where it all began for the ill-fated DC Extended Universe. How does it fare in the eyes of the Stew World Order and Carlo from The Movie Loot?

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Episode 34 – The Amazing Spider-Man

Sometimes Sony decides to do the Spider-Man franchise over. And ironically, sometimes the Stew World Order has to do episodes over!

It took us two tries to get it done, but Jon from Shocking Things is here this edition to talk the Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man reboot!

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Episode 33 – Deadpool 2

Mike and Jessica from Ten Cent Takes join the Stew World Order this episode to talk Deadpool 2! Does it measure up to its predecessor? Does it managed to not fall trap to one of the worst and most sexist tropes in comics? Oops! Probably not!

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Episode 32 – Alita: Battle Angel

Who is ready to join the #AlitaArmy? Well… one of our reviewers more than the other, that’s for sure!

Shawn from the Ninja Turtle Nerds podcast is here to talk the 2019 live action take on an anime classic, Alita Battle Angel!

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Episode 31: Battle Royale

Kevin and Erin from THE PODCAST THAT WOULDN’T DIE are here to talk a bunch of ninth graders that very much would. We’re reviewing Battle Royale, the movie that launched a thousand Hunger Games style books!

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Episode 29: X-Men First Class

Groovy! Far out! Hip!

We’re traveling back to the bouncing 60’s where the men drank whiskey and the big name actresses paraded around in their undergarments! The fantastic fellas from the SP10 podcast are here to talk X-Men First Class, the FIRST attempt by Fox of muddying the hell out of the X-Men timeline.

But not the last!

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Episode 25: RED

It’s our first ever three-time guest! Kalvin from The Magic Number Is 3 (When It Comes To TV) is back once again to review the Bruce Willis lead action flick, RED!

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Special One Year Anniversary Episode!

On this special anniversary episode, John from Pint O’ Comics, Ken from the Ocho Duro Parlay Hour, and Julio from The Contrarians hop on to celebrate Stew’s first year of podcasting! To get the festivities going, the three discuss advice they’d give to those who want to start podcasting. Then they get into the meat of the show by giving their Top 5 Movies that the SWO covered in Year 1!

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