Jab Looks At: Dino Riders!

When I was a young Jab, there was only ONE cartoon and toyline that I could have called my favourite, and that one is Dino-Riders. Dino-Riders is another Merch-Based 1980s cartoon, this one from TYCO Toys. What sets it apart from the pack is that if features ALIENS FIGHTING IN LASER WARS WHILE RIDING GIANT ARMOURED DINOSAURS. […]

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Jab’s Reviews: Jem & The Holograms

JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS: Behold, the embodiment of the entire 1980s. The Transformers is the mightiest toy-selling cartoon of all time, and G.I. Joe is probably the best overall, but Jem will always have my heart. See, where alot of these shows come from the epitome of animation that was the ’80s, very few of them actually LOOK “’80s”. Sure, […]

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