SWO Draft: Best NFL Quarterbacks Of All-Time


Here at SWO Productions, we haven’t had a good ol’ sports draft yet. Lots of movie and TV drafts, sure. But sports? Nothing yet.

Let’s change that!

We partnered with three great podcasters to draft the BEST NFL QUARTERBACKS OF ALL TIME! Check out our draft below, and then don’t forget to vote on Twitter!

Let’s meet the participants!

Drafting first, we have BRODIE SPORTS TALK! They got the easiest first overall; selection in the world. Check them out HERE.

Up second was our good friend Calvin from A PODCAST ABOUT SOMETHING. He’s becoming something of a fixture in these drafts and on the show. Get into their stuff HERE!

I have the third selection.

And up fourth is Coach Duffy from the OCHO DURO PARLAY HOUR! They are gracious and fantastic as always! Follow their work HERE!

And with that… let’s get into the draft…

BRODIE SPORTS TALK: 1- Tom Brady. 7 rings like Ariana Grande.

APAS: I’m gonna start with Joe Montana and hope my next pick is still available when it gets back around. 4 Super Bowls and 3 MVPs in a very competitive era with hard hitting defenses and no concussion protocols (concussion protocols are a great thing, I’m not trying to say otherwise here, but because they didn’t exist longevity was often questionable for QBs in the 80s/90s). The fact that he was able to play at a high level for 16 seasons speaks volumes to Montana’s overall skill. Tom Brady may be the current GOAT, but Montana was the first GOAT

SWO Productions: I guess I have to let stats speak for themselves and say my first pick will be DREW BREES. Yeah he only has one Super Bowl, but he played in an era where unless you were Brady, it was hard as hell to win multiples. He is either #1 or #2 in every noteworthy passer statistic, he was a great leader who helped New Orleans out so much as a city after Katrina, and if he turned a longtime joke organization into a perennial powerhouse.

COACH DUFFY: Peyton manning.. coach on the field. Always going to put your offense into the best position for success.

Dan Marino… player before his time. In a time where the offense is spread wide open he would thrive

Okay back to me, and I guess I will go with BRETT FAVRE. Another one Super Bowl wonder for me, but another statistical marvel. And the dude was so much fun to watch because he just chucked the ball all over the field and hoped for the best, haha.

Manning is my favorite QB of all time, but doesn’t have the rings to prove how great he was. He was at such a different level mentally than every other player on the field it was insane to watch his last couple years in Indy and the first year and a half in Denver.

Round 2 for me is Patrick Mahomes II. The next evolution of Brady, Brees, and Manning but with a much stronger arm than all of them then mix in a lot of the Favre-esque qualities you just pointed out but subtract his often dumb turnovers. Patrick Mahomes is the closest thing we may ever see to a perfect QB and I’m excited I get to watch him and be in awe of every play he makes for the next 15ish years

The #7 spot was hard as hell for me to figure out after a pretty locked in top 6 as far as I was concerned. That’s as good a pick as any.

8 Aaron Rodgers. 3 time MVP. I think he’s who Mahomes models his game after the most but with a little more gunslinger due to the weapons around Mahomes. Rodgers doesn’t have the team success, but continues to be great despite that.

9 – John Elway. I think he’s underrated and has 2 Super Bowl wins. They came late in his career and is one of the players I will forever remember for leaving it all on the field.

10 – I’m glad you picked Rodgers so I didn’t have to, I HATE everything about Rodgers (save this convo for a different time) but he would’ve gotten the votes and I never win these drafts so it would’ve been the right choice. And then I was gonna pick Elway next so I’m stumped on this one, and I’ll go with Troy Aikman. 3 super Bowls and led one of the most exciting offenses in the history of the game

I’m a Packers fan and I was genuinely stunned that Favre was picked before Rodgers. Favre is more likeable. Rodgers is a better QB. But no shame in taking him. Who doesn’t like Favre?

11 – can you believe that no one since 1999 has been the NFL MVP and the Super Bowl MVP in the same year? That’s crazy! So I have to go with the guy who did it last: KURT WARNER. He has one of the best stories in the NFL (grocery bagger to Super Bowl champ), and dude was crazy talented.

And has a terrible looking biopic coming soon!

Warner and Aikman were under consideration. Great picks.

Going mobile with some dual threats qbs. Steve young And YA Tittle. Young although had a terrible start in his career but once he got hooked up with rice was able to have a resurgence. A lot of true football minds say Tittle was a head of his time. One of the earliest qbs that actually had an arm to pair with his ability to run

As soon as I picked Aikman, I wanted to go back and pick Young instead! Great pick

I am usually prejudiced against eras I wasn’t personally able to witness, but you know what? Nuts to that. I will take possibly the first legendary NFL QB ever: JOHNNY UNITAS.

He had to taken, that’s where I was gonna go too, I’ve gotta come up with a new plan now

Tim Tebow!!!

I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding, you can’t count that

I’m with Stew here in not liking to pick players I’ve never really witnessed but here at the end of the draft, you have to make exceptions, so I’m going with Roger Staubach! A random top QBs of all time article tells me he won 2 Super Bowls, led the league in passer rating, finished with an 85-29 record making him the second most winningest QB of all time falling only behind the the number 1 pick of this draft

16 – Bart Starr 17 – Otto Graham I want winners. Starr won 5 NFL Champions and Otto Graham played 10 seasons and was in the Championship each of those 10 seasons.

Talk about going deep into the history.

18 – Russell Wilson. When it comes to talent and understanding the game there’s only one other active QB I’d want on my team before Wilson, and I already picked Mahomes. Russell Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round in 2012 and then won a Super Bowl in his second season. He has a career passer rating of over 100 and leads the league in some pretty cool advanced stats since they started tracking in 2016: passing yards outside the tackle box, passing yards while on the run, TDs on tight window throws and deep completions


I thought I could get him later, and even then I thought it would just be my fanboy pick as a 12!

But shit, now I’m voting for your list.

Nah he’s way too good to let drop any further! We’re at thebpoint where we have to take super old QBs that none of us saw play or current ones

Curious, on a recent podcast, we talked if Russell is going to end up with a Drew Brees like career

a Super Bowl win, definite HOF career, but 0 MVPs as he just isn’t the best player leaguewide at any given point

His best chance so far would’ve been 2019 (aka the Lamar Jackson outta nowhere season)

All right, I’m up next for my 5th pick. And… 19 – WARREN MOON. I mean, the guy played six seasons in Canada, and he’s STILL the current #14 all time passing yards leader. He would have been the NFL all-time leader for a while if he played his whole career in the NFL. Even in the current pass happy era where middling guys like Stafford and Flacco have snuck into the top 20, Moon is still 14th, with those first six seasons cut off!

I highly recommend a Warren Moon picture in his baby blue Oilers uni

Painful as this is im going Big Ben.. 2 Super Bowls and since turning 30 had thrown on ave 290 yards per game. A team once built on defense and running the ball, now leans on him for the offense to be successful

And with my last pick I’m going to be selfish and take Eli Manning. 2 game winning super bowl drives in crunch time against the greatest all time. I know the regular season is inconsistent at best. But if you make it to the super bowl you have a chance!

I was really hoping we could make it through this whole thing without picking Roethlisberger. He definitely deserves to be in this conversation, he’s just such a piece of shit

Agreed. I didn’t like it. But unfortunately his body of work on the field forces your hand late in the draft!

Yeah, Ben is a great QB, but he is also a serial sexual predator (at best).

I have NO idea where to go here, so I’m going with my instinct and taking JIM KELLY. He went to four Superbowls in a row, and was never the reason they lost any of them. And he’s another guy, like Moon, who lost a few years of his career by playing elsewhere between college and the NFL.

Damn, he was gonna be my last pick

Deep in my soul, I wanted to pick Trent Dilfer. But I couldn’t.

I’m going to go with Terry Bradshaw. I never saw him play but he won 4 Super Bowls, so he’s got to be at least a little good, right? My research tells me he was at best an average regular season QB, but by the same logic Eli Manning gets picked, if you win 4 Super Bowls you have to at least show up somewhere on a list like this, regardless of how mediocre the rest of your career was. He’s also the only QB on this that had the guts to show us his ass in a movie with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica-Parker, so that has to count for something

Dude’s lifetime TD:INT ratio is, like, 212 : 210. That’s Jameis Winston territory, but hey, he got to play with that defense and Swann/Stallworth, so good for him.

Pretty sure I could have won those same 4 Superbowls, haha.

I would love to see you try

Hahaha, it would be grand!

Fran Tarkenton. I think he’s the best QB left. Might give me too many older guys, but he started changing the passing game in the 70s.





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